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Monosegmental Liver Transplantation

Monosegmental liver transplant success makes it a feasible option with a good level of graft survival is done in babies with symptoms of liver failure. Due to the paucity of little pediatric organ donors, reduced size liver transplantation has developed among children.

Monosegmental liver transplantation is usually done in babies for several reasons. This is a challenge as the donor’s liver has to be altered to fit the small size of an infant’s body. This means that only someone with the requisite technical expertise can perform such a complex surgery.

However, the difference between the weights of the donor and the recipient can restrict using this procedure, despite the left lobe being transplanted successfully.



No matter how sensitive and complex this procedure may be, Prof. Rela’s healthcare facility at Chennai, the Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre, focuses on providing the highest level of liver care to children and adults. This hospital, dedicated entirely to liver care, responds to the needs of a variety of patients.

This hospital is committed to being at international level in its techniques, infrastructural facilities and international level surgeons and other allied specialists. It functions from a sprawling 36-acre sprawl comprising 450 beds including 130 critical care beds, 14 theatres, modern labs and radiology centres.

This institute is committed to providing expert-level care in all its various disciplines with extra focus on care for critical illness and multi-organ harvesting. One of the world’s largest intensive care units dedicated to liver treatment is housed here. Additionally, its specialised care in all disciplines and its commitment to offer primary and secondary care at international standards are exemplary.

Despite its many specialities, this hospital is known for its position in liver treatment, particularly complex surgeries like Monosegmental liver transplantation in Chennai.

If you would like to know more about it or the fact that we are one of the few hospitals to do Monosegmental liver transplant surgery in India, please call +91 9384681770 for an appointment.

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