Life post a successful liver transplant | Patient Testimonial

March 10, 2023

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Mr. Omar Antonio Barrera, 61 years old, flew all the way from Central America to Rela Hospital, Chennai, India, to receive a liver transplant as his liver was severely affected. He suffered from hemochromatosis and already had six tumours in his entire liver.

He was recommended a liver transplant by his cousin, who is also a doctor. In addition, his cousin’s colleagues and friends gave him information about Rela Hospital. Mr. Oman Antonio Barrera said his surgery was successful and excellent to the extent that he didn’t feel pain and had no complications post-surgery. He extends his gratitude to Prof. Rela and his team. He added that Rela Hospital is No.1 Internationally.

His liver donor was his daughter, who is doing good and leading a normal life without complications and has also returned to the country. He mentions a special thanks to the nurses and medical staff. Here’s us wishing him the best of health.


Liver Disease & Transplantation

Liver Disease & Transplantation

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