The most reproductive activity for a woman lies in her early twenties. In this era, we find almost half of the women who fall in this reproductive age group do not have children. This is mostly due to career priorities, financial constraints, have not found the right partner yet or personal reasons. Unfortunately, a woman’s biological clock is ticking and does not keep pace, resulting in several challenges when starting a family. Thanks to emerging technologies in the field of in vitro fertilisation, we provide the option to cryopreserve or freeze her eggs in the early reproductive years and use these eggs to have a baby when she is ready in the future. Women increasingly opt for oocyte cryopreservation as the method to preserve or delay their fertility.

Freezing the sperm is a boon for men who have medical issues like cancer or those men with low sperm count or are about to undergo surgery on the reproductive organ

Freezing of gametes or embryos helps you start a family in the future.

Our fertility specialist works closely with you during the process

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