International Patients

At RIMC, we welcome patients from around the world. The staff of our International Patient Centre is available to coordinate care for international patients. We have a dedicated team ready to guide you. They will answer your questions and match you with the best doctors and services for your needs.

RIMC is one of the top hospitals for paediatric liver transplant, Nephrology and Trauma. As RIMC patient, you will be matched with a team of doctors, nurses, and other specialists who are experts in dealing with your medical issues. They work closely together to make sure you have the most accurate diagnosis possible, and to personalize a treatment plan based on the precise details of your diagnosis. This level of specialization can often have a dramatic effect on a patient’s chances for a cure and quality of life.

People from across the globe and electing to have treatments in RIMC as our surgeons have made a name and place for themselves in the field of transplant and other medical disciplines.

We have access to the latest technology. This includes the most-advanced robotic surgery platforms and sophisticated imaging technology. These tools allow us to monitor the success of an operation in real time.

Apart from the highly skilled and renowned doctors, we also have an exceedingly trained care team who can make a crucial difference in how well you do during and after your operation.

We understand the profound level of trust you are placing in our hands by choosing RIMC. We want to help your return to health and well-being as soon as possible. We will develop a personalized care plan just for you. In many cases, the plan includes treatments, which are unique to RIMC.

We will guide and support your whole family throughout your care are so that you feel empowered and confident that you are making the best decisions.

RIMC offers a whole gamut of services to our International Patients. We give complete support and 24x7 service for:

Finding a doctor

We ensure that you are assigned to an expert based on your diagnosis. This way you don’t have to take the trouble of finding a suitable doctor. We do all the groundwork for you so that when you arrive at the airport, you will have your treatment plant charted along with the doctors and staff assigned for your service. It is a royal treatment that is instore for you. Chances are high that you may never feel that you are away from home!

Remote Consultation

Every patient is apprehensive of getting medical care abroad, as they wonder how they will navigate before and after care. RIMC provides solution as we provide remote consultation and your doctor will be in touch with you before and after you leave RIMC. They will answer your problem, address your concerns and ensure that you feel at peace and relaxed before and after the treatment. That is why we say, we give complete care. In every sense of the word.

Scheduling Appointment

At RIMC, scheduling appointments for International Patients has never been easier. Our systems are so uncomplicated and simple that scheduling an appointment with your doctor should be last of your worries. We take care, so that you relax.

Payment Options

RIMC guarantees a plethora of payment options that suit your financial ease. We have:

Cost Estimates

Compared to other hospitals, RIMC is known to provide affordable care for the excellent in expertise that it offers. So, you are getting more for rates that are comparable to our peers and competitors. We provide you the cost estimates so that you can adjust your financial responsibility in a relaxed mode.

Complete Assistance

If there is one thing that we are proud of, it is hospitality at RIMC. We are incomparable, as we provide complete end-to-end assistance during your entire stay with us.

Special Dietary/Religious Needs

We are aware of different cultures, different dietary and religious needs of each patient. We have an exclusive team of members who will cater to your specific needs are chart out a plan tailored to suit your cultural-specific needs. We make each patient feel at home, even though they are miles away from home.

Visa Travel Assistance

Contact our International Patients desk, so that we may take charge and get assistance for all your Visa needs. We will get commence with all the necessary paperwork so that you may get started on your healing process.

Assistance with Hotel Bookings

While your stay with RIMC, we make sure that your near and dear ones who have come to help you during your trying times have necessary accommodation suitable to your budget. We take care of all the hotel bookings that your or your family may require.

Interpreter Service

At RIMC, we get patients across the globe so provide all our International Patients with Interpreter Services so that they are able to communicate their issues and concerns in a language they are familiar and there is no scope of miscommunication.

Local Sightseeing

It is not all about getting treated. When patients are in a new country, they like to explore the land. We, at RIMC, ensure that their stay is not all about being confined in hospital rooms, but they get to see the diversity and beauty of Chennai. We provide local sightseeing services convenient to the patient and keeping in schedule with their treatment plan.

Airport Transfers

We provide transfers from Airport for patients who need transportation.

Updating Folks at Home

Last but not the least of patient concern is letting folks at home know that they are ok. We do it for you. We update your folks regarding your treatment plan and your progress, so that it is one thing crossed off your list, making your stay more organized and simpler.

There is a whole lot more to RIMC. God forbid if you ever medical service... but if you do… then we are the best!

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