What do you want to do?

Drop in beforehand!

As soon as you know your date of admission to the hospital, we advise you to drop in to our Admission Office a few days in advance, if your state of health permits. This gives you a chance to complete the administrative formalities and further smoothen out your experience on the day of your admission to the hospital.

Checklist for your admission:

  • The letter of referral for admission from your doctor.
  • Your insurance card or cover guarantee from your health insurance fund or insurance company.
  • A government issued identity document (Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card)
  • Previous medical health reports

Check Your Insurance

If you are covered by international and foreign insurance, we suggest you to check your cover and make sure that the cost will be met before you are admitted. You should apply for a guarantee of full cover for your stay. You may have been refered for outpatient treatment but may have to spend one or more night in the hospital. In such cases your stay is considered to be hospitalization.

Your insurance does not cover cost of personal laundry, telephone & personal expenses (Newspaper, Hairdresser etc.) You have to meet these yourself.

*Inclusions and exclusions depend upon insurance policy of the patient. It may vary from one insurance policy to another, according to your coverage.

What can I expect during my stay at Rela Hospital?

At Rela Hospital a warm welcome, a soothing smile and a gentle touch will boost your spirits as you experience the best of healthcare practices.

And each day you will meet your treatment team, which includes your doctors and nursing staff. Our team of expert will help you understand your illness and manage your symptoms, learn strategies and skills to assist you in your recovery. Your nurse will be available to answer your question anytime during your stay. Your nurse will also be responsible for providing you with your medication.

Am I allowed to carry medications from home?

If any medications are required during your stay, your doctor will prescribe them based on your diagnosis and they will be filled by our pharmacist. Please bring a list of prescription and over the counter medication, as well as any herbal products that you are taking at home. Please include the dosage and direction in your list. In the event you brought any medication of your own to the hospital, kindly send them back home with your family members. If this is not possible please give the medication to a nurse who will send them to pharmacy for safe storage until you are discharged. For safety and security reasons, you may not keep any medications, including vitamins, in your room.

What are available room choices as an inpatient?

At Rela Hospital, we are poised and committed to redefining health care scenario in India. This healing process starts right from providing healthy and conducive spaces to offering most advanced health care services. Our strategically and spaciously designed inpatient rooms have an unparalleled natural ventilation to reduce infection, and provide privacy, superior air quality and scenic ambience.

Rela Hospital provides an exclusive range of inpatient rooms with facilities which includes:

Special ward

These rooms are centrally air-conditioned and with 10-12 beds, each bed acting as an individual room supported by screens to separate each bed. Every bed is provided with a cupboard, footstool, food trolley and Wi-Fi.

Semi private

Each room has individual air-conditioning and can accommodate 2 patients. Each bed acts as an individual room supported by screens to separate each bed. It has exclusive adjustable beds for 2 patients, 2 attendant's couches, 1 LED television, cupboard and intercom.

Private room

Each room is an individual air-conditioned room and accommodates one patient. It has an exclusive adjustable patient bed, attender's bed, 1 LED television, Wi-Fi facilities, wardrobe, kettle and intercom

Deluxe room

The deluxe rooms are spaciously built in a way such that, sunlight can reach into the room. The rooms are air conditioned and are furnished with an exclusive adjustable patient bed, a sofa set, small refrigerator, kettle, intercom, internet and LED television.

Super Deluxe

The super deluxe room is fully air conditioned, spaciously built rooms with separate lounge with two sets of sofas, one center table for visitors to ensure maximum comfort and privacy. The super deluxe room has an elegant adjustable patient bed, bigger beds for patient attender, microwave oven, coffee table, Netflix, intercom , LED television, comfortable sofa chair, one kettle and a small refrigerator inside the patient room.

Suite room

The Suite-room is elegantly designed, like a hotel room with air-conditioned patient room, visitor room and lounge. This individual room is equipped with an adjustable patient bed, 2 bigger beds for attenders, microwave oven, coffee table, Netflix, intercom, one refrigerator, LED television, comfortable sofa chair and a kettle inside the room.

A team around you

Medical Staff

At Rela Hospital, you will be under the watchful care of our medical staff which consists of primary care doctors, surgeons and other specialists. Our experts from each specialty will make sure you get the best of treatment and help you to recuperate soon.

Operations Staff

To help the patients make their stay a comfortable one, our well-trained operations team is available for assistance.

A message to family and friends

Thank you for partnering with us to take care of your loved one. You provide an important role in their care and recovery. Being in the hospital can be frightening for the patients and even patients who are typically very healthy can become confused.

How can you best help?

Be there, prevent falls, and call for help.


If you require the assistance of an interpreter, please do not hesitate to ask us. Whatever language you speak, your care team can arrange the service of a specialist interpreter, trained in bilingual communication in medical matters.

Have your own say in your treatment - you are an expert too!

To decide which treatment is best for you, your health care team must have full information about your past and present health problems. Please give them as much detail as possible, even if it seems insignificant to you. Tell them which medicine you take regularly and occasionally.

How are meals provided? What if I have a special/specific diet?

At Rela Hospital, we value utmost care for our patients. Each meal will be prepared according to the diet ordered by your physicians which is based on certain diet restrictions, medications, and/or illness. Your meal preference and religious practices are specially considered when dietary services are offered. Please let your physician know of your dietary requirement.

For Physically Disabled?

All inpatient units are equipped with disabled access to make your stay a comfortable one.

Banking Machine

ATM is available on ground floor lobby at our hospital.

Food Court

Rela Hospital has provided various healthy dining options at the food court.

The food court is located at second floor of the hospital. It is a good place to eat a balanced meal. You can also choose to enjoy quick snacks and fresh beverages at Coffee Day Express.


Television with cable facility is available for patients as well as visitors at inpatient rooms and patients/visitors waiting area.

Spiritual Welfare

At Rela Hospital, we have prayer centres for various faiths to conduct their prayer during their inpatient stay. We have a Shri Sai Baba idol in the ground floor lobby, a Lord Ganesh Temple near the entrance gate of hospital, and a Mosque and a Chapel on the fourth floor.

Fire Safety

In case of a fire, immediately alert a staff who will activate the alarm. Staff will then direct you and others to safety. Fire safety routes and evacuation signs are posted on every floor. If you need assistance in locating these signs or help with them, talk to any of our staff.

Your Security

Your safety is important to us. Our security guards work round the clock to control site access and ensure the general security of the premises. If you need to contact them, please refer to the health care staff in your unit.

Please let a staff member know if you feel unsafe or threatened in any way at any time. Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited and will be taken away and discarded if brought to the hospital. Weapons are not permitted and will be immediately confiscated.

Parking Facilities

Rela Hospital has provided large parking space for visitors at the designated areas.

Surveillance Cameras

Rela Hospital has surveillance cameras installed in key positions to preserve your security and security of your relatives and hospital staff.

Clear Information

You are entitled to clear information from those treating you about:

  • Your present state of health
  • Possible investigations, operations and treatment, expected results and any attendant risks.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions so that you can make an informed decision. When information is given, a relative can be present if you wish. Upon request, you can receive a written summary of the explanation given.

Request Your Wishes

Including emergencies, no treatment or examination will be taken without your free and informed consent. You have the right to reflect before reaching a decision, and to review our decision later.


All the information you disclose to doctors and other healthcare professionals is protected by professional secrecy. Your healthcare worker cannot disclose your information to third parties: this includes your relative and your general practitioner. We will not allow third-party access to your file without your consent. If you would like to see your file yourself or would like a healthcare professional from outside the hospital to do so, you must submit a written request to your doctor at the hospital.

Respectful Care

As a patient you will receive the necessary care regardless of race, gender, origin, language, age, disability or source of payment. Privacy during care examinations, treatments, and conversations with the physician and other health care providers is absolutely assured. You will enjoy protection from mental and physical abuse or harassment at all times. You will have health care information provided in a manner and form that you can understand.

Involvement in Care Decisions

You can make informed decisions about your healthcare yourself or through an attendant. You will get an access to medical records & confidentiality. All medical records will be treated as confidential by the staff. Exceptions are required by law, transfer of care or third-party administrator/insurance contracts.

Expressing Concerns about Care and Billing

You will have the right to express any concerns regarding patient care and get information on expected costs of treatment. Examine your bill and receive an explanation of the charges regardless of source of payment for your care.

Photographs and Video Recordings

Rela Hospitalprepares many files and photographs for teaching, research and patient information. Your written consent is required before photographing or filming you. You have the right of refusal.

Mutual Respect

Please show respect for the staff involved in your treatment, other patients and their visitors

Peace and Quiet

A peaceful and pleasant ambience creates a refreshing and a healthy feeling among the patients. To enhance such an environment, we advise you to respect each other's privacy and limit the number of visitors you receive at the allotted times. Please keep to permitted hours, be considerate of peace and quiet required by patients in the neighboring beds, by turning down the volume of your music device or laptop.

Ensure Understanding

You can ask questions to understand your treatment plan. You will have freedom to read all medical forms thoroughly and ask the clarification before signing the consent form. You will be advised to follow the treatment plan recommended by the health care provider.

Mobile/Telephone Usage

Mobile/telephone use is generally permitted in the hospital except in certain marked areas. To preserve peace and quiet for neighbouring patients, please use your mobile phone with discretion. Avoid loud conversations.

To respect privacy, as required by law, you may not be allowed to take any photograph or video of the healthcare staff or other patients.

While your loved one is at Rela Hospital, he/she is our primary concern. Our specialty trained health care team will do everything possible to provide the best care for your loved ones. We appreciate your visit, as being with family members can do wonders for your loved one's spirits and healing.

Guidelines for family and visitors

  • Visitors can visit patients during visiting hours in Wards & ICU between 5pm & 7pm.
  • Please obtain visitors pass from the patient attender, only one visitor is allowed against one pass.
  • Please do not bring children under the age of 12 years to visit the hospital, unless they need medical care.
  • Please do not bring fresh flowers to patients as they can be sources of infection.
  • All visitors should be healthy. Do not visit if you feel sick or have any symptoms of cold, flu or other illness.
  • Please request a mask, or you may be asked to wear one, if you are coughing frequently.
  • Outside food is not allowed for patients unless specified by treatment doctor's and dietitian.
  • Please do not smoke inside hospital as it is a no smoking zone.
  • Please take care of your valuables. Hospital shall not be liable for any loss of theft.


All patients are normally advised to get discharged by noon. The discharge process is initiated after the Doctors advise. This includes preparation of the discharge summary, return of unused medicines, procurement of bills, compilation of reports and finally approval from insurance company.

Often insurance patient's discharge process may be further delayed for want of clearance from the respective TPAs and Insurance Companies.


As a patient you will be guided to provide complete and accurate information for insurance claims, and to complete your bill payment on time.
The billing department will present the final bill to you and you are requested to settle the same as soon as you receive the bill. The cashier at the IPD lobby will hand over the discharge intimation slip as soon as possible. This slip is to be given to the nurse, the nurse will hand over your reports and the discharge summary. (Medico legal cases are bound by certain rules, wherein the first X-ray film is required to be retained by the hospital).

Getting Ready to Leave

The date of your discharge is decided by agreement with your treating doctor. It is planned with you, to help your return to everyday life.

Checklist for your Discharge

When you leave the hospital, please make sure you have received the following:

  • A doctor's/ sick-leave certificate (if necessary)
  • A prescription (if necessary)
  • A physiotherapy or domiciliary care prescription (if necessary)
  • A follow- up appointment with your general practitioner or at the hospital

Leaving against medical advice

If you decide to leave against medical advice, having been informed of the risks you face, your health care staff will ask you to sign a self- discharge form, releasing them from any liability.

Follow-up Appointments

At Rela Hospital, we make sure each patient receives complete patient centric assistance by regular follow-up appointments. We always advise our patients to follow-up with your primary care physician after discharge from the hospital. This will allow them to evaluate your recovery and response to treatment, and note any change in your condition or medications.

Pharmacy Service

Pharmacy at Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre is open 24*7. Our certified pharmacists dispense medication and educate patients and customers.

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