27 yeard old Kuwait man’s triumph through liver transplantation

June 1, 2023

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27 year old, Ali Alshhimy from Kuwait was battling liver disease for the past seven years. His condition worsened over the past few months and he visited India for treatment.

He was advised to consult Prof. Mohamed Rela, Chairman & Director, Rela Hospital, through one of his relatives. He first met with Mr. Mohammed Farouk who guided him on his visit. He then consulted with Prof. Mohamed Rela, who gave him the assurance that his condition will get better with a liver transplantation and the surgery was indeed a successful one in the end.

Ali Alishhimy expresses his gratitude to Prof. Mohamed Rela and his expert team of doctors for their guidance and timely treatment that saved his life.

This story highlights the significance of compassionate and dedicated doctors striving to provide their patients with the best care.


Liver Disease & Transplantation

Liver Disease & Transplantation


Prof. Mohamed Rela

Prof. Mohamed Rela


Chairman & Director, Rela Hospital

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