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Liver Resection

The surgical removal of a part or whole of the liver is termed liver resection. This surgery is performed when a diseased liver is removed from a cadaver or a liver transplant takes place. Liver tissue may also be donated by a living donor through the procedure called partial hepatectomy. Liver resection may be done either through a conventional open procedure or by using very few invasive techniques.

Who Is A Right Candidate for Liver Resection?

Patients diagnosed with liver cancer are generally the right candidates for liver resection. They may have a couple of tumours, about 5 cm or less on the liver, without any blood vessels. Consequently, only a few patients suffering from this disease undergo liver resection.

What patients worry about this procedure is that after undergoing it, they may develop liver failure. This can happen if the rest of the liver isn’t sufficient to give adequate life support.

The Objective Of Liver Resection

Liver resection aims to remove the tumour and the surround liver tissue entirely. This is usually possible if the tumour size does not exceed three cm and the liver is still functioning well. So, the patient should not suffer from cirrhosis. Considering these guidelines, only very few patients suffering from liver cancer are eligible for liver resection.

Is it Possible for the Normal Liver to Regenerate?

A few weeks after the normal liver is surgically removed, the remaining liver can regenerate to the normal size. However, if the patient suffers from cirrhosis, the liver cannot grow back. To know the possibility of surgery, therefore, the doctor should take a benign portion of the liver for biopsy and ascertain if the patient suffers from cirrhosis.

An Outlook of Liver Resection

Patients whose tumours are perfectly resected, the survival rate over a five-year period ranges between 10% and 60%, depending on the size and type of the tumour. It has been found that many of these patients will suffer from liver cancer in another part of the liver. Also, patients with the same problem and same sized tumours, who go untreated, have a similar survival rate.




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