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Domino Liver Transplant

A domino liver transplant involves a recipient needing liver receiving one from a donor with familial amyloidosis. The new liver helps the recipient improve his or her conditon. After receiving the healthy liver, the patient may suffer from amyloidosis, though this takes some time to show up, sometimes even 20 years.

Doctors usually choose recipients about 60 years or above, who will not develop any symptoms before they die of natural causes. Once the transplant takes place, doctors usually monitor the donor for signs and symptoms of the transplant condition.



At RIMC, we believe that all suffering is curative. And so it is with Domino Liver Transplant. The founding belief at Dr Rela Institute & Medical Centre, Chennai, India is that we must always be in a state of preparedness for all eventualities. To live that principle, our centre brings under its roof the best in this niche area from different corners of the world.

Our liver specialists are internationally trained and can therefore perform surgeries of any complexity, and to perfection. This comes through particularly when we meet with Domino liver transplant success. Our outcomes of all procedures have always been impressive and though we don’t bask in such successes, it’s a nice feeling to know that we save precious lives. Day after day.

Our multidisciplinary teams comprising surgeons, oncologists, hepatologists, radiologists and other specialists work together to rid you of this condition and improve the quality of your life after surgery. Our skills and techniques are international class, so we offer the kind of treatment technique that you would get in a good hospital anywhere abroad, at a fraction of the cost.

We're on par with the rest of the world in our treatment methods and pre and post-operative care. We're also caring, think on our feet and are affordably priced.

To know more about us and our techniques of performing Domino liver transplantation in Chennai, drop by or visit us at our hospital, Chrompet, Chennai, India. It will be a pleasure to introduce you to our role in Domino liver transplant surgery in India.

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