Best Liver Transplantation Hospital In India

February 18, 2019

Best Liver Transplantation Hospital In India
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Rela Hospital , owned and managed by one of the most prolific liver specialists in the country – Dr. Mohamed Rela, is one of the premier hospitals that cater to all aspects of liver disease and disorders including Liver Transplantation. The hospital is known for its dedicated team that consistently delivers successful outcomes for all its liver patients. Even the case that have been rejected by other hospitals, have found positive conclusions at Rela Hospital.

Liver transplantation as a procedure is not just complicated but it is very time consuming and requires skilled doctors, nurses, and other staff. The infrastructure and facilities required for a successful liver transplantation is highly advanced and cutting edge. Rela Hospital has both skilled doctors as well as the infrastructural facilities necessary for a successful liver transplantation.

With Dr. Mohamed Rela at the helm, Rela Hospital is becoming a world-renowned destination for Liver Transplantation. Dr. Rela and his team of skilled doctors are the reason Rela Hospital has become the best liver transplantation hospital in India. Dr. Mohammed Rela needs no introduction, as his name has become synonymous with successful liver transplantations. Enumerating Dr. Rela’s achievements, he has:

  • Pioneered the split liver transplantation technique as well as the swap liver transplantation technique for adults.
  • Initiated and perfected many medical breakthroughs.
  • Addressed the root cause of any medical challenge by adopting an innovative approach, while performing surgeries and reinventing medical practices in a single-minded effort to save valuable lives.
  • Performed more than 4500 liver transplantations, the youngest patient was a five-day-old female baby.
  • Conceptualized and launched a CME series called the Master Class in Liver Diseases (MCLD), with a view to training a larger cohort of surgeons. He shares the best and one-of-its-kind teaching practises in the field of liver diseases, with a view to building a world class team to enhance the success rates of liver transplantations in infants and children at Dr. Rela Hospital.

Dr. Rela with his highly experienced liver transplantation team have recorded high success rate in both Cadaver and Living Donor Transplantation. Rela Hospital has specialists in Paediatric Liver Transplantation, Split Liver Transplantation and Auxiliary Liver Transplantation. Rela Hospital’s exceptional liver transplant team has performed over 500 Liver transplant surgeries and delivers advanced care for complex hepatology cases.

The transplant team gives successful outcomes with the excellent transplant program that caters to a wide range of adult & paediatric liver conditions offering expert consultation, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate transplant plan for each patient. The treatment plans are tailored to meet each patient’s unique condition. The transplant surgeries at Rela Hospital include:

  • Split Liver Transplant
  • Auxiliary Liver Transplant
  • Swap Liver Transplant
  • Domino Liver Transplant
  • Mono-segmental Liver Transplant
  • Cadaver Liver Transplant

Rela Hospital follows a systematic process for liver transplant procedure steps, which is in accordance with medical procedures in majority hospitals across the world. The procedure allows intensive care for the patient during pre and post transplantation. Along with our systematic procedure, the other reason for Rela Hospital’s high success rates is its innovative technology, which is integral to delivering advanced health therapies that help the patients get treated more efficiently and recover quickly. Rela Hospital offers cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art treatment facilities designed to deliver superlative healthcare. Our facilities include:

  • Specialized Operation Theatres: To successfully execute some of the most complex & complicated transplant surgical procedures.
  • Advanced Post-Op ICUs: To provide the best post-surgical care with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel.
  • World’s Largest Dedicated LICU: To provide exclusive care for liver transplant patients tailored for the complications associated with liver transplantation.
  • Dedicated Integrated Liver Ambulance: The mobile ICU will have specialist on board at doorstep when liver emergency calls.
  • 24/7 Liver Emergency – LiverEmergencyDirectConnect – To connect patients directly with a Liver Intensive Care Team Specialist for immediate advice, in case of any emergencies related to liver disease.
  • International Patient Service: Exclusive environment with its courteous attitude of the staff. Leading-edge technologies, extensive research resources and best-in-the-world treatment options make the institute the healthcare destination of choice for a great number of international patients coming to India.

With these attributes, Rela Hospital has become, in a very short span since its inception, one of the best liver transplant hospitals in Chennai, India. It has provided new lease of life to individuals who are in desperate need for liver transplantation. We, at Rela Hospital, strive every day, relentlessly to give new lease of life and hope to people with acute liver diseases who desperately are searching for answers to their liver problems.

Call us today – +91 9384681770, we are waiting to help you!

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.



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