Dental aligners Part 2 | Dr. Deepa Kumaran

March 10, 2023

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In continuation to the previous video on clear aligners, Dr. Deepa Kumaran, Associate Consultant, Dental Surgery, talks about the conditions that’s suggested with aligner treatment and duration of the same in this video.

Conditions for wearing clear aligners include having mild to moderate orthodontic problems such as crowded or spaced teeth, overbites, underbites, or crossbites. The duration of clear aligner treatment varies depending on the severity of the orthodontic problem being addressed.

To ensure the best results, it’s important to wear clear aligners as directed by your orthodontist or dentist.


Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery


Dr. Deepa Kumaran

Dr. Deepa Kumaran

MDS (Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics)

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