The Answers To All Your Questions Related To Hepatitis C

July 17, 2019

The Answers To All Your Questions Related To Hepatitis C
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What does hepatitis C mean?

It is a virus that can lead to liver damage and liver cancer, in some cases. Most people who suffer from Hepatitis C become carriers of this virus when they fail to get rid of it from their bodies. These carriers deal with the virus for the rest of their lives and can pass it on to others.

Identifying liver disease is not an easy task as it takes around 20 years for the symptoms to appear. Besides, its presence can be found only through a special blood test conducted for Hepatitis C.

What are the basic symptoms of Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C doesn’t come with any symptoms and people suffering from it hardly fall sick. There could be some people who experience flu-like illness in the initial months of being infected by the virus. They may, sometimes, also experience symptoms like nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, tiredness, dark urine, light-coloured stool and yellowing of the skin and eyes.

How does Hepatitis C virus spread from person to person?

Sharing needles and injection drug equipment up the chances of contracting Hepatitis C. The virus is mostly spread through the blood of an infected person. In the case of a pregnant woman, the new-borncould also have it. There are chances of transmission of the virus during sexual intercourse, but they are very low.

What are the preventives for Hepatitis C?

There are several ways to prevent contracting Hepatitis C. Some of them are:

  • Avoid sharing needles and other equipment used for injecting.
  • Razors, toothbrushes and anything personal should never be shared with others.
  • Always confirm that the instruments or needles used to ink your tattoo are sterilised.
  • When dealing with first aid, wear gloves to prevent catching infection.

When should you be tested for the Hepatitis C virus?

Get ablood test done immediately as you know you have been exposed to this virus. Wait for six months to be retested as the antibodies could reappear then.

Do Hepatitis A and B vaccine help to treat Hepatitis C?

No, the vaccinations against Hepatitis A or B do not have a positive impact on Hepatitis C. Also, there isn’t any vaccine available to prevent the spread of Hepatitis C. One can only find a cure through treatment.

How can a person avoid spreading the infection?

For a person suffering from Hepatitis C, organ and blood donation are not recommended. Sharing of items of personal care should also be avoided to stem infection.

What is the treatment for Hepatitis C and how effective is it?

Antiviral treatment is the answer to treat Hepatitis C. This treatment helps recover most people and has proved to be 50% successful.

Why Rela Hospital?

With the help of our hepatitis C treatment specialists in Chennai, India, the Rela Hospital provides diagnosis and treatment facility for Hepatitis C patients. Led by Prof Mohamed Rela, who holds a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records for performing successful liver transplantation on a five-day-old infant, Rela Hospital is now known as the best liver transplantation hospital in India as well as the best Hepatitis C treatment hospital in India.

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