How to stop hand tremors naturally

January 20, 2023

How to stop hand tremors naturally
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Uncontrollable muscle spasms are known as tremors, which can happen anywhere in the body. Tremors are frequently connected with the hands, although twitching muscles can also affect the eyes, legs, face, vocal cords, and other body regions. Living with hand tremors can be irritating and make simple everyday tasks like eating and getting dressed challenging.

There are many different kinds of tremors and their causes of them. Some are temporary and disappear independently, while others are connected to more severe health issues. Find out more about what causes hand tremors, how to stop shaking hands, and when to consult a medical professional for assistance on hand tremors.

Are trembling hands normal?

It’s typical to have trembling hands. This is especially true for those who are stressed, anxious or haven’t had enough sleep.

Typically, mild hand tremors that don’t interfere with a person’s regular activities are not causing alarm. However, to identify the cause, a person should consult a doctor if they have severe or persistent hand tremors that interfere with their everyday tasks.

How to stop hand tremors naturally?

Hand tremors can be inconvenient and unpleasant and interfere with daily activities. Hand tremors can be treated with lifestyle modifications and natural therapies like dietary changes, exercise, counselling, and surgery. Natural home remedies may lessen or completely alleviate the symptoms of shaky hands, negating the need for prescription medication or surgical intervention.

  • Diet: A Mediterranean diet rich in fruits and vegetables effectively prevents neurodegeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, and essential tremors and improves overall health. The diet includes vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole-grain cereal, and unsaturated fatty acids. Fish is also permitted, but it may occasionally contain mercury contamination, which could exacerbate tremors. Limit dairy, meat, poultry, and wine intake if you follow a Mediterranean diet.
  • Water: Another type of medicine is water. The suggested four to six cups of water daily can help flush out toxins that may be causing hand tremors while also keeping the body hydrated.
  • Cut down on caffeine: Because caffeine is a stimulant, cutting it out of your diet can also lessen hand tremors. Caffeine can be found in chocolate, coffee, tea, soda, and other drinks. You can also get tremors from caffeine withdrawal if you routinely drink caffeine and then quit. Shaky hands and other withdrawal symptoms might linger for up to 10 days after a caffeine withdrawal. Therefore, gradually weaning off this stimulant might be wise to prevent hand tremors.
  • B12 vitamin: For the neurological system to remain in good shape, vitamin B12 is crucial. Hand tremors may develop due to vitamin B12, B-6, and B-1 insufficiency. You can get vitamin B12 by eating meat, milk, eggs, and most animal products.
  • Get good sleep: Sleep at least 7 hours every night to avoid tremors. You’re more prone to experience noticeable hand tremors if you get too little shut-eye at night. Sleep aids in regulating your heartbeat, blood pressure, and autonomic nervous system, which controls bodily tremors. Remove distractions from the bedroom and go to bed early enough to achieve at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Establish a strict wake-up time each morning to help control your circadian cycle and enhance the quality of your sleep.
  • Physical therapy:To help you control your muscles better, consider physical therapy. Ask your doctor if they can recommend an occupational therapist for physical therapy if your hand shaking prevents you from performing routine tasks. During this treatment, your therapist will lead you through exercises to strengthen your hand muscles and enhance their functionality.This may gradually lessen any illness- or injury-related hand tremors you experience, letting you go about your everyday tasks more comfortably. In addition, physical therapy will help you develop the coping mechanisms to deal with your tremors and work around them, even if it cannot stop your hands from trembling.
  • Wrist and hand exercise: Your doctor could suggest activities you can perform at home or refer you to a physical or occupational therapist for treatment. One simple workout you may do throughout the day is to squeeze a stress ball or hand grip for two to ten seconds, release, and repeat 10 times on each hand.
  • Relaxation:Hand tremors can be brought on by stress, worry, and other mental health conditions. If stress causes tremors, try relaxation techniques, including yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, and creating a calm environment.While lowering tension in the body and mind, massage therapy can also help muscles in the hands affected by tremors.Another frequent reason for shakiness is exhaustion, as adequate sleep is necessary for the body’s and the neurological system’s healthy operation. An adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep on average.

Who cures tremors in the hands?

The diagnosis and early treatment of essential tremors depend heavily on neurologists, particularly those specializing in movement disorders. This is because they are ideally suited to confirm the diagnosis after a thorough clinical evaluation and are familiar with the most recent medical treatments available to help with symptom relief.


Everybody’s hands or other body parts tremble somewhat when they move or adopt a certain position. This is referred to as a “physiologic tremor” and is normal. Stress or anxiety, coffee use, and sleep deprivation are a few things that can exacerbate the tremor.

In certain instances, strong or ongoing tremors could indicate an underlying medical problem or a prescribed medication side effect. Therefore, anyone who suffers from tremors unexpectedly should immediately seek medical attention to get a diagnosis.

People also ask

What is vitamin good for hand tremors?

For the neurological system to remain in good shape, vitamin B12 is crucial. For example, hand tremors may develop due to vitamin B12, B-6, or B-1 insufficiency. The recommended daily requirement (RDA) for people is six mcg of vitamin B12. However, you could need more if you take a drug that limits vitamin absorption.

Can tremors be cured naturally?

  • Tremors can be made worse by stimulants like caffeine.
  • Learn to relax.
  • Make lifestyle adjustments.

What triggers hand tremors?

  • Tea or coffee contains caffeine, which could make your hands tremble.
  • Stress: From worry about money and employment to issues with relationships and health, stress worsens tremors.
  • Your hands may tremble due to intense emotions such as rage, hunger, or lack of sleep. This type of tremor is called physiological.

Disclaimer: While the home remedies mentioned in the above blog may seem effective and practical, it is important to note that no scientific evidence supports their efficacy. Therefore, consulting with an expert in the field is highly recommended.


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