To a story of hope and healing | Dr (BRIG) K Shanmuganandan

May 9, 2023

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To a story of hope and healing..

Yesuraj, a middle aged IT professional, from Thanjavur has been battling chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years.

He has been fighting with inflammatory back ache for 10 years and was treated with various forms of medicine including self medicating himself with painkillers which resulted in kidney damage.

He went through a general checkup past month to find a protein leak in urine and rise of urea creatinine in blood. Fortunately, he consulted with Dr. B. Karthikeyan, Senior Consultant, Nephrology, who suggested to meet Dr (BRIG) K Shanmuganandan, Rheumatologist, Rela Hospital.

Post tests, he was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis along with NSI induced nephropathy. He was put on anti TNF biological called Adalimumab twice a month which gave him a good relief.

Yesuraj explains that he feels much better, healthy and relaxed post two sittings. He expresses his gratitude to the hospital management and Dr (BRIG) K Shanmuganandan, for his timely treatment and thanks the doctor for making him do his daily activities without help.

Stories like this motivate us to provide our patient community with the best of care.


Dr (BRIG) K Shanmuganandan

Dr (BRIG) K Shanmuganandan



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