Chennai Woman Regains Lost Speech Ability Due To Brain Stroke

January 11, 2023

Chennai Woman Regains Lost Speech Ability Due To Brain Stroke
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Chennai, 26th December 2022: Rela Hospital, a Multi-Speciality Quaternary Care Hospital at Chromepet, treated a 41-year-old Chennai woman suffering Brain Stroke that led to a near-complete speech disability. The lady was evaluated at Rela Hospital and evaluated by Rela Neurology and the Intensive Care team of doctors. Upon completion of MRI investigation, it was diagnosed as a brain stroke in the “Language Area” which required the patient to be under our expert care. Upon admission, the rehabilitation specialists evaluated the nature of the stroke and its effects on her body, mobility, and communication. She was able to move her hands and legs but was unable to speak even a single word. She was extremely emotional that she could not express her thoughts or feelings

“With round-the-clock specialists, we were able to identify and diagnose within 20 minutes of the patient’s arrival that it was a brain stroke and in specific to the “Language Area”. Once the diagnosis was confirmed with an MRI, the patient was transferred to the Integrated Stroke Unit where she was under observation for 48 hours,” said Dr. Shankar Balakrishnan, Clinical Lead Interventional Neurology & Neurology.

“The stroke had affected the area in the brain which is primarily responsible to plan movements of the structures in the mouth and generate words. The Integrated Stroke Unit at Rela Hospital, pressed into action, helped achieve maximum functional abilities within the first month. She recognized people around her, and followed instructions such as raising of hands, and leg movements but could not reply to questions asked. She had totally lost the ability to make sounds and speak fluently. She was referred to special speech rehabilitation to address this,” added said, Dr. Shankar Balakrishnan.

“Managing life and to achieve leading an independent life despite the stroke, rehabilitation plays a significant role. Initiating rehabilitation at the earliest brings about desired results early as the brain is still trying to heal. This is a classic case of that. Her care started on the 2nd day of the stroke. Speech Language Pathologists introduced alternative modes of communication, which helped the patient to express basic needs such as hunger, thirst, pain, and discomfort,” said Ms. Srimathy Narasimhan, Head – the Centre for Hearing, Communication & Swallow Sciences.

“Over time, intensive rehabilitation on speech planning and application-based technology combined with conventional rehabilitation methods helped her to achieve desired planned movements that were non-speech in nature. After being discharged on the 4th day, the patient attended the language rehabilitation program thrice a week and three weeks later was able to speak fluently,” concluded Ms. Srimathy Narasimhan

About Rela Hospital:

Rela Hospital, an International Medical facility, is a quaternary care hospital dedicated to fostering and responding to the needs of a diverse patient population. The hospital provides high-quality healthcare with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and experienced, caring medical professionals.

Rela Hospital is designed to provide multi-specialty care with a special focus on multi-organ transplantation and critically ill patients. In addition to quaternary care in all specialties, the hospital is committed to providing day-to-day “primary and secondary care” to patients. Rela Hospital is a multi-super specialty hospital in a sprawling landscape of 36 acres located in Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

  • The facility, with 450 beds inclusive of 130 critical-care beds, 14 operating rooms, and sophisticated reference laboratories and radiology services, is conveniently located close to the road, rail, and air transport.
  • Rela Hospital is led and managed by world-renowned doctors who are committed to healthcare.
  • Rela Hospital offers a wide spectrum of clinical care, education, and research.


Chennai Woman Regains Lost Speech Ability Due To Brain Stroke
Chennai Woman Regains Lost Speech Ability Due To Brain Stroke
Chennai Woman Regains Lost Speech Ability Due To Brain Stroke
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