Standing Upright From Scoliosis | Scoliosis Treatment

June 15, 2022

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Mahima, a 12-year-old girl with a severely neglected spine deformity was brought to Rela by her parents after an acquaintance referred us . Owing to potential complications that could arise during a Spine correction surgery, her parents were unable to get a doctor to operate on her at their home country in Sri Lanka. Here at Rela, Dr. Parthasarathy Srinivasan(Senior Consultant – Orthopaedics, Head-Spine Surgery) attended to Mahima. There were few challenges that lay ahead for the team and Mahima during the surgery. Primarily, she had only 2.5 Litres of blood which meant that any blood loss more than 500 ML could prove problematic. Adding to that, she was suffering from a condition that bent her spine to a whopping 140 degrees(Neurofibromatosis). Furthermore, she also had soft bones. The combination of these 3 factors made this a tricky surgery.

However, we went through the surgery successfully. Post operation, she was taken care by the experts at our paediatric ICU for 24 to 48 hours. Currently, she has recovered and is walking, taller and happier. We are ecstatic we could put a smile on the family’s face.


Department Of Orthopaedics

Department Of Orthopaedics


Dr. Parthasarathy Srinivasan

Dr. Parthasarathy Srinivasan

MBBS, D Ortho, DNB (Ortho), MNAMS, FNB (Spine Surgery)

Senior Consultant -Orthopaedics, Head - Spine Surgery

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