What makes RILDT a comprehensive liver care centre

June 10, 2020

What makes RILDT a comprehensive liver care centre
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Multi-tasking is a term we hear in modern times, but do you know your liver is the original multitasker?

The liver’s job profile includes filtering blood that comes from the digestive tract before it reaches the rest of the body, removing harmful chemicals, processing medications and drugs, producing bile to help digestion and making proteins that promote blood clotting amid other functions.

As varied as the functions of the liver, are the things that could go wrong with it. Hepatology or liver care is the branch of medicine that deals with all diseases and disorders of the liver, gall bladder, bile ducts and pancreas. A comprehensive liver care centre offers advanced care for the full spectrum of diseases and disorders of the liver, gallbladder, bile duct and pancreas.

Dr. Rela Institute of Liver Disease & Transplantation is renowned as one of the most comprehensive, multidisciplinary disease management centres in India that offers specialized treatment of liver and pancreas diseases.

Features of RILDT

Experienced liver team

Highly skilled and experienced hepatologists, medical gastroenterologists, surgical gastroenterologists and HPB (liver, bile duct and pancreas) surgeons form the core liver care team. Qualified and experienced anesthesiologists, doctors, nurses and technicians assist them in providing multidisciplinary treatments for all liver diseases including liver failure, advanced liver disease, liver cancer, liver transplantation, and paediatric liver disease. Clinical, surgical and technical excellence and compassionate care are the hallmarks of the RILDT.

Excellent dedicated infrastructure

Cutting edge technologies, extensive research resources, dedicated liver intensive care units (LICU) and advanced infrastructure are available at RILDT to provide best-in-the-world treatment options. The most advanced treatments are provided by the expert team in a technology-enabled environment for best results even in the most complicated cases. The comprehensive liver care centre also has a dedicated Integrated Emergency Care Ambulance, which can function as a mobile ICU. With liver specialists on board, the ambulance reaches emergency treatment to your doorstep. The 24×7 Liver Emergency Direct Connect Helpline connects you directly to specialized liver intensive care team for guidance during liver emergencies.

Successful track record

A multidisciplinary approach to liver transplants and liver care and some of the most advanced liver care facilities at RILDT enhance the chances of success. As the best liver transplant centre in India and one of the best liver care centres, RILDT is the healthcare destination of choice for international patients. The tradition of medical excellence is evidenced by the centre’s many pioneering efforts and medical breakthroughs delivered by world renowned medical professionals.

Accomplishments testifying excellence

The extraordinary accomplishments of the liver team substantiate its skills. India’s youngest successful liver transplant on a one month old baby, India’s first successful split & auxiliary liver transplant, India’s first paediatric auxiliary liver transplant and India’s first swap liver transplant on adults are some of the firsts of the centre.

Trust is hard earned. RILDT has earned this trust through diligence, dedication and skills. If you have any liver disease or disorder, call Rela Institute with confidence.

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.


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