What do antenatal classes teach you

September 17, 2020

What do antenatal classes teach you
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Pregnancy is a time of great happiness and anticipation as you prepare to welcome your new baby. But it is also a period of many doubts and fears, some of them real and some baseless. One of your greatest worries would be that you lack the knowledge or skills to take care of a baby. But relax, you are not alone. Every mother-to-be is filled with similar doubts and fears. That is why we have Antenatal classes.

These classes are otherwise to be called as parenting classes which will help you get yourself ready for giving birth to your baby which involve breastfeeding,caring for baby alongwith making yourself ready for labour.

Antenatal classes usually start between your 30th and 32nd week. It would be 8 to 10 weeks before your due date. The classes give you an opportunity to connect with other women who are in the same gestational age as yourself and this will help you immensely in the early days after your childbirth.

Antenatal classes cover a wide range of issues. They teach you ways to cope with the discomforts of pregnancy, the pain of childbirth and the demanding task of caring for a new born.

A typical antenatal class will cover:

  • Caring for yourself during pregnancy; right nutrition, diet and exercise and their importance during pregnancy
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques for coping with labour pain
  • Pain free labour options
  • Yoga to maintain flexibility and strength
  • Traditional remedies to treat common problems such as back pain, acidity etc.
  • Preparation of mind and body for pregnancy and later
  • Music and reading therapy to bond with your baby
  • Proper massage techniques for you and your baby
  • Changing nappies and giving your baby a bath
  • Preparing for labour and birth
  • Signs of labour and when to go to a hospital
  • Different stages of labour
  • Birthing positions
  • Early parenting
  • Breastfeeding and its benefits
  • Understanding new born baby behaviour
  • Exercising after pregnancy

As a new mother, you will require a great deal of support. Antenatal classes offer you this support by empowering you with knowledge that will help you tackle all issues you will face during your pregnancy and in the early days after childbirth.

Antenatal classes at Rela will give you an insight into your pregnancy, its progress and childcare. For appointments call:

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.


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