Surgery: Best Chance For Liver Cancer

October 1, 2019

Surgery: Best Chance For Liver Cancer
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Liver cancer is the excessive growth of cells in the liver. If detected early, surgery gives the best chance of curing primary liver cancer. Doctors will only consider surgery if the cancer is contained in one area of the liver and has not spread to any other part of the body.Patients will have a series of blood tests to find out how well the liver is working before the doctor decides if surgery is an option. As the liver is such a vital organ, they need to know that the part of your liver left after your operation will work well enough to keep you healthy.

There are two main types of surgery for liver cancer that have been detected early. These are:

  • liver resection or lobectomy
  • liver transplant

In liver resection and lobectomy, cancerous and surrounding tissues in the liver is removed. This is done if:

  • the cancer is small
  • liver is healthy
  • the cancer hasn’t grown into the blood vessels

The surgeon might remove a lobe of your liver. This is called a lobectomy or hemi hepatectomy. The liver can grow back and work normally if there are no underlying problems, such as cirrhosis.Unfortunately, there is a risk that the cancer could come back after a liver resection. There’s no test that can guarantee that cancer cells haven’t broken away from the tumour before it is removed. That’s why this type of treatment is only used for small liver tumours – where there’s less chance of spread.

If the patient is diagnosed with cirrhosis, there is not enough healthy liver for the body to cope with, especially when surgeons remove it. Liver failure after a resection or lobectomy is much more likely in people who have cirrhosis. In such a case, specialists may be more likely to consider a liver transplant if possible.

In case of a liver transplant, it is possible in cases where:

  • no more than 3 small tumours in your liver, each 3cm across or less
  • a single liver tumour no more than 5 cm across
  • a single tumour that is 5 to 7 cm across that has not grown (either with or without treatment) for at least 6 months

To have a liver transplant, a donor liver that is a close match is essential. Waiting for liver transplant may be stressful for the patient. Under such circumstances, doctors consider other treatments such as ablation or chemoembolisation. If the case is of severe cirrhosis, then liver transplant is generally ruled out you are not likely to be fit enough to have this major surgery.

Always Rela Hospital

When it comes to liver cancer and surgery as an option, Rela Hospital has always ensured that their patients get the best options. Liver surgeons and transplant specialist study each case separately and make sure that patients get a treatment plant tailored to their unique needs.

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.


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