Points to consider while opting for IVF

September 2, 2020

Points to consider while opting for IVF
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IVF may offer millions of childless people hope, but it also brings with it a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. This usually comes from lack of knowledge. When you have all the important facts in hand, then you will be able to manage your fear and worry. Here are a few vital facts that will help you go through the process peacefully.

You need to be healthy

Being in general good health is necessary for IVF. Diabetes and hypertension have to be controlled before starting IVF procedure. As obesity, tobacco and alcohol reduce fertility, controlling your weight and quitting tobacco and alcohol will greatly improve your chances of success.

The process is time consuming

The moment you opt for IVF, it takes over your life. IVF has multiple stages. First, you will have to take fertility medications every day to stimulate production of multiple eggs. You will have to take multiple blood tests and ultrasounds to check for progress. After stimulation, your eggs will be retrieved under anaesthesia. They will be combined with your partner’s sperm in a dish. After 3 to 5 days, one or more embryos will be placed in your uterus. A blood test after 2 weeks will determine if IVF is a success.

IVF requires complete dedication and commitment. You will have to place your doctor and clinic as your first priority until the cycle is completed

You will have side effects

Hormone injections will make you emotional through the cycle. Injections may also cause pressure, bloating and cramping of the pelvic area. Your breasts may feel tender and uncomfortable. If you have severe pain or swelling in the abdomen, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and weight gain, contact your doctor immediately.

You may have multiple pregnancies

During an IVF cycle, multiple embryos are transferred into your uterus to increase the chances of pregnancy. If more than one embryo implants in the uterus, you may carry twins or even triplets. This may increase your risk of pregnancy complications.

It may take more than one cycle for success

IVF treatment has advanced a great deal since the first successful procedure in 1978. The success rate has jumped from 6% to around 60%, but it is still not a 100%. You may not succeed with the first cycle and may require further cycles. Cryopreservation is now available today and this allows you to freeze excess embryos formed in one cycle for future use. So you may not have to go through the ovulation stimulation stage again.

Age is more than just a number

Your age influences your chances of success. Studies show that IVF is more successful among younger women and this success rate decreases with increasing age. So, if you are planning to have an IVF, start the process at the earliest.

Cost will vary from person to person

The cost of IVF varies according to the medications and support needed by individuals. So get a clear picture from your centre to avoid surprises.

In conclusion, there is no one size fits all solution. Each person’s journey is unique and we are here to lend support, but the destination is worth the effort.

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Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.


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