Managing And Treating Liver Failure

October 15, 2019

Managing And Treating Liver Failure
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Liver failure and liver disease usually come under the purview of hepatologists. Its treatment depends on whether it is chronic or acute. Chronic liver failure involves changes in the lifestyle and diet, such as:

  • Cutting out harmful medication and alcohol
  • Reducing intake of cheese, red meat, salt and eggs
  • Weight loss
  • Controlling diabetes and blood pressure

Treating acute liver failure involves:

  • Taking intravenous (IV) fluids to normalize blood pressure
  • Taking laxatives or enemas to flush out toxins
  • Monitoring blood sugar
  • Taking a blood transfusion to stem excessive bleeding or breathing better with a tube

A liver transplant may be suggested in both acute and chronic liver failure. Before the surgery, doctors will screen the donor and recipient of the liver to ensure that a new organ will, in fact, help them.

During the surgery, a healthy liver from a living donor is transferred to one who needs it. At some transplant centers, damaged livers are replaced with just enough healthy liver which will regrow into a healthy organ.

Complications of Liver Failure

Liver failure can affect several other body organs. If one suffers from acute liver failure, it can lead to complications such as electrolyte deficiencies, infection and bleeding. If left untreated, chronic and acute liver failure can cause death.

Preventing Liver Failure

  • Taking Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Reducing your intake of alcohol
  • Reducing obesity
  • Being physically active
  • Following strict instructions of using medication like acetaminophen
  • Going in for a physical examination once a year for obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol


Why Rela Hospital?


As in all types of problems, liver failure too needs to be understood and its management tips followed strictly, particularly after treatment. Your doctor may advise you on what to do and how, but from then on, taking care of yourself is up to you.

At Rela Hospital too, our liver specialists advise you on the best way of taking care of yourself after treatment. Our team of the best liver failure specialists in Chennai, India, spend a lot of time bringing home the fact to you that self-care in this condition is extremely important. Easy ways of incorporating food and lifestyle changes are suggested so that the transition is neither difficult nor ignored.

We also offer the best counselling and psychologist services to you in whom you can confide your problems, difficulties and fears regarding your new life. These experienced professionals will guide you through all that you need to do and smoothen the path for you. Along with our medical staff who make our hospital one of the best liver failure hospitals in India, these support professionals too work hard and committedly on each patient.

The fact that our patient base has been increasing is a pointer to the fact that our reputation is growing by word of mouth. Those who have experienced our high standard of medical care rate us as the best liver failure hospital in Chennai, India, and we are humbled by it.

To know more about us and the way we function, call us on +91 9384681770 for an appointment.

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.





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