Male Infertility

April 8, 2020

Male Infertility
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Male Infertility

Male infertility – Common myths debunked!

The word Infertility encompasses many causes both physically and mentally. Moreover, this is no more a Women’s issue, Men also are equally identified to suffer with infertility. We are mostly informed and always discussed for female infertility, but men infertility plays a very major role as well and not talked about openly yet.

Males are mostly found to be tightly zipped when it comes to male infertility and it is rarely spoken about. Not opening up with their issues has resulted in a chaos and confusion with lots of myths making their rounds. Riding bikes, wearing tight underpants etc have been confused to cause infertility in men. Come let’s discuss about few facts about Male infertility.

#1 Being sexually active frequently will improve infertility

Fertility is all about the quality of sex and the time. In a fertile period of a women having alternate day sex will be more than enough as the sperms stay alive for 3 -4 days inside a female reproductive organ.

#2 Infertility is a Women Issue not mine

Researchers have identified that men are equally affected with some kind of infertility. Men have to open up and speak about in order to find a better solution.

#3 Electromagnetic waves from laptops, mobile phones affect infertility

Heat of any kind will slow your sperm production and the motility. Heat coming out from a laptop or a mobile phone will make the sperm sluggish. So better put the laptop over a desk and the mobile phone away from the pant pockets. Frequent sauna also will affect the sperm motility which is very important for conception. You may need the best swimmers!

#4 Biking and cycling affects fertility

Normal biking and cycling have no effect on the fertility of men. However, studies with mountain cyclists have shown infertility issues which was majorly due to damage to the scrotum as a result of long hours of cycling over hard and rocky terrains.

#5 I should not wear underpants to help infertility

This is not true and no scientific evidence. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable with and will not have any negative effects to your sperm count.

#6 Infertility is not affected with aging

No. The Sperm counts do decrease with age. The chances for pregnancy decreases five folds when a man crosses 45 years. Also has risk of having chromosomally abnormal sperms

#7 Alcohol and smoking does not affect fertility

There is very strong evidence that any kind of substance abuse alcohol, smoking etc will decrease the count and also the quality of the sperm. Sperm will not be able to fertilize an egg efficiently among smokers, substance abusers etc.

#8 Weight of a man does not affect fertility

Being overweight or obese is a havoc to all your vital organs of the body. Overweight will for sure reduce sperm production and decrease the motility of the sperm. Libido also is identified to be less in overweight males.

If you are struggling with infertility, it’s important to get the facts straight. When in doubt, discuss your concerns with +91 9384681770 certified Andrologist & Sexologist. This is the only way to ensure that your questions are answered in an accurate manner. Yes, if you have any concerns about male infertility feel free to call +91 9384681770 and book a consultation!


Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.


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