Cancer care during COVID19

June 3, 2020

Cancer care during COVID19
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Cancer in a normal world would get top priority. Cancer treatment would be given precedence over a fever any day. But sadly, these are not normal times and the COVID pandemic has thrown healthcare into disarray across the world.

COVID 19 is disrupting cancer care

The impact of the highly contagious and sometimes fatal COVID19 is that patients are being discouraged from visiting hospital for ongoing treatment, diagnostic tests and scheduled procedures. This is because:

  • Studies have shown that cancer patients are more susceptible to severe COVID 19
  • The rising cases of COVID have led to reassignment of beds, facilities and healthcare workers
  • COVID 19 patients get precedence over all others in the race to contain the virus spread

Considering these facts, hospitals are deferring procedures, treatments and therapies that are not immediately urgent or life saving. Cancer patients who are undergoing treatment, who had scheduled diagnostic tests or surgeries have been made to wait-out the pandemic for their own welfare.

The wait may be harmful to cancer patients

Cancer is a progressive disease that has to be treated as early as possible for best results. Every scheduled procedure or therapy is carefully planned for optimum results. If they are delayed, it may allow the cancer to progress to a point where future treatment may not be able to produce desired results.

If you require cancer diagnostic test, surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it would be in your best interest to get it done as per the schedule.

Safe cancer care during the pandemic

At Rela Institute, you come first. If you require a procedure, then we ensure that you get it in a safe and protected environment. Our strict adherence to national and international guidelines in COVID control make us one of the safest hospitals for cancer treatment, especially during the pandemic.

Our oncology services are COVID ready and we have extremely reliable protocols in place to deliver diagnostic, surgical, medical and radiation services.

  • Stringent sanitization and infection control protocols according to ICMR guidelines
  • Personnel limited to the absolute minimum necessary for the procedure
  • Personal Protective Equipment provided for all members of the team
  • Strict adherence to exact schedules
  • Sanitized ambulance and stretchers for pick up and transport on arrival
  • All patients kept at appropriate distance from each other
  • Patient screening before procedure
  • COVID19 positive patients or those awaiting test results treated in isolation
  • COVID19 patients treated in negative pressure rooms that prevent outward airflow
  • Telemedicine available for screening and oncology consultation.

Don’t delay your cancer treatment due to COVID. Put your health first and get the right treatment here at the right time.

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.


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