Breastfeeding linked to higher IQ

August 7, 2020

Breastfeeding linked to higher IQ
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Breast milk influences optimum growth and development and this benefit extends to the brain too. Brain volume decides the IQ of an individual and it has been noted by some studies that breast milk plays a role in the early development of white matter of the brain.

Breast milk and health

It is an established fact that breast milk is the best first food for babies in the first 6 months of their life. It boosts their immunity, prevents infections and helps babies reach all their growth and developmental milestones. This includes cognitive skill development also.

Does breast milk have a direct link to development of IQ in children?

There are conflicting theories based on various studies by experts. A study conducted in Ireland found that breast milk contains decosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA). These two acids are beneficial for brain development. A link between breast milk and the development of brain volume and development of white matter of the brain has also been propounded.

There are studies that show that breast feeding has beneficial effects on the development of brain size, volume and function. More research is necessary to establish one or the other as the complete truth.

In the meantime, however, we can safely conclude that breast milk will cause only benefits to babies by promoting their all-round development.

Healthy development is the best way to development of intelligence.

Brain development requires the right nutrition. A newborn requires a special mix of proteins, fats and vitamins to grow. This is present in the optimum proportion in breast milk. When your baby gets the best nutrition then he/ she will grow to reach his/ her full potential. This includes brain development and IQ scores.

In the final analysis, whether breast milk directly boosts IQ or whether it promotes brain power development through right nutrition, it is the infallible truth that breast milk is the best source of food designed specifically by nature through million years of evolution to nurture your baby to full potential.

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Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.


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