Breast Milk protects your baby from multiple infections

August 2, 2020

Breast Milk protects your baby from multiple infections
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Breast milk is manna from heaven for babies. It is a perfect blend of vitamins, protein and fat in the right proportion needed to promote best development of babies. It is in a form that can be easily digested by babies. It also contains antibodies that boost the immunity of infants.

What is breast milk made of?

Breast milk has a lot of proteins, fats, sugars and cells, which fight infection. It is rich in antibodies, white blood cells, lactoferrin, lysozyme, oligosaccharides, probiotics and prebiotics. These components protect against many infections while also promoting optimum growth and development.

How does breast milk protect infants?

When there is a prevalent disease in a region, we get vaccinated against it. A vaccination incites our body to produce antibodies to fight the germs causing the disease. Similarly, if there is an infection and you come into contact with it, you will get infected. Your body will produce the antibodies necessary to fight the infection. These antibodies pass into the breastmilk and to the baby protecting him/her against that infection.

Breast milk also contains the antibody IgA, which protects the internal surfaces of the body. The lining of mouth, stomach, intestines and lungs are protected by this antibody. When IgA passes on to the baby through breastmilk, it is not digested like the other components of the milk. It coats the intestines and protects the baby from infection.

What are the common infections that are prevented by breast feeding?

Breast fed babies do not fall sick often. They are protected against

  • Stomach infections
  • Ear infections,
  • Viral and bacterial infections
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory diseases

In addition, breast fed infants are less likely to suffer Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In later life they are also less prone to develop

Breast milk is nature’s way of ensuring a healthy childhood and adulthood for all. It is beneficial in many ways for the infant and the mother.

Every woman will be able to exclusively breast feed her infant. If you think you may have a problem, talk to your doctor. With the right support and guidance, you can provide your baby with the best start in life.

Dr. Rela Hospital is a certified ‘Baby Friendly’ Hospital. We provide the new born and the new mother the best care. Our doctors, nutritionists and lactation counselors provide complete support to get your through the initial days of breastfeeding, till you and your baby get comfortable during feeds.

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.



Dr. M. P. Venkatesh

Dr. M. P. Venkatesh

MBBS, MD (Paediatrics)

Clinical Lead - General Paediatrics
Consultant - Neonatology

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