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Special Care Dentistry

At Rela Institute & Medical Centre, our team of dentists take special care and caution in providing dental treatment to patients with medical disorders.

  • Liver failure, kidney failure, malignancies, neurological problems, gastrointestinal problems, endocrine problems, haemotological problems & syndromes- Their oral health status is recorded and oral hygiene counselling is provided. Dental procedures are carried out with advice from their concerned physicians
  • Hospital dentistry - It is available for severely ill patients where they are hospitalized specially for their dental ailments and treated after medical intervention. At Rela Institute & Medical Centre, we have dental oncology services where malignancies are diagnosed with help from oral pathologists and managed as a multidisciplinary team approach where general dentist, oral & maxillofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons, prosthodontist, oncologist, radiation oncologist and psychologist step in to provide a comprehensive care and good quality of life to such patients.
  • Pregnancy Oral Care- Pregnant women often omit oral problems. They are prone to gum bleeding and cavities due to their increased hormone levels. It is essential, they have a dental check up and maintain good oral hygiene. The dental team at Rela Institute & Medical Centre take part in ante natal classes to create awareness about oral hygiene during pregnancy. We also offer dental treatment and counselling to pregnant women in conjunction with gynaecologist.

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