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Implantation of Pacemakers

Pacemaker is a small electronic device that is placed in the chest for regulating slow electric problems in the heartbeat. Comprised of three parts – a pulse generator, one or more leads and an electrode on each lode, pacemaker sends signals to the heart to beat when it going dangerously low or going irregular. It is needed for the patients who suffer from the lack of electric stimulation of the heart to heart muscle and the response from heart’s chambers.

Pacemaker implantation is done under local anaesthesia. A small incision will be under the collarbone and the pacer will be slowly placed with the help of lead wire into the blood vessel and then to the heart. After it reaches inside the heart, the functioning will be tested aided by fluoroscopy and ECG. The pacemaker generator will be then placed on the non-dominant side of body (if you are right-handed person it is placed on to your left and vice-versa). The patient would be able to resume normal duties within few days.

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