A Dramatic Memory loss & Surgery less Breakthrough

June 26, 2022

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An 11-year-old Betsy was brought to Rela Hospital, unconscious, after meeting with an accident on January 2nd while riding a bike and was affected with memory loss. After stabilising her, Dr. Anbuselvam (Senior Consultant Neurosurgery) ordered a CT scan which revealed bleeding throughout the brain, which was not operable. Betsy could not walk, write, or even talk, for that matter.

The prime aim of the doctor was to give a conducive atmosphere for the damaged brain to recover well, keeping all the parameters in a normal range. The doctor calmed down the family, who had been panicking for the past 4 days stating that she was recovering well and did not require any operation. In her condition, with the home environment setup and other rehabilitative care, her right-sided weakness recovered completely.

She began performing her tasks post-operation and gradually started recalling everything. The family is grateful to all the doctors for assisting their daughter in regaining her composure and living a regular, happy life.


Department of Neurology

Department of Neurology

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