Ways to improve your fertility

September 2, 2020

Ways to improve your fertility
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Your fertility depends of your overall health. If you are trying to get pregnant, your general health will play a big role in how successful you are and how fast. Lifestyle influences your general health and your reproductive health. Here are a few ways to improve both.

General tips to improve fertility.

Choose a healthy diet

Living by our age-old tradition of ‘Food is Medicine’ is the first step towards health and fertility. Avoid fast foods and conveniently packaged snacks. They are easy and tasty but little else. You will miss out on vital nutrients if you rely these foods. Opt for home cooked meals instead. Have a diet that is balanced and healthy. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and healthy fat provide the best nourishment for your body and improve your fertility.

Exercise regularly

Moderate physical activity such as walking is ideal for health. It burns calories and keeps your body in good condition. Avoid or limit vigorous physical activity as women who take up such activities develop ovulation problems. Half-an-hour exercise at least 5 days a week is essential for good health.


Stress can affect your health and relationship with your partner. Both of these are crucial for getting pregnant. Find ways to manage stress. If you feel that stress is causing distress, consult a psychologist. Counselling will help you manage stress and maintain good health.

Tips to improve fertility in men:

Stop smoking, drinking and drug use. 

These habits lower your sperm count and quality. The number of sperms you produce and their shape, speed and genetic health are important to successfully fertilize an egg and form a healthy embryo. So, stop these habits to increase and improve your sperm.

Reduce weight

Obesity is the cause of many health problems. It also decreases your fertility by inducing certain hormone changes. Excess weight lowers your sperm count and reduces their speed directly harming their chances of fertilizing an egg.

Stay cool

If the temperature of your testicles increases by even a few degrees, it will affect sperm production. Avoid wearing tight fitting trousers, working with your laptop on your lap, hot tubs, saunas etc. Keep cool.

Tips to improve fertility in women:

Stop smoking and drinking

Cigarettes and alcohol age ovaries, interfere with ovulation and decrease the supply of eggs. Cervix and fallopian tubes may also be affected by smoking. It also increases your chances of ectopic or tubal pregnancy.

Watch your weight

Obesity or being severely underweight, both cause havoc to your fertility. They interfere with ovulation leading to decreased fertility. So, don’t go overboard while trying to lose weight. Get into the ideal weight range and a healthy body mass index to maintain ovulation.

Enjoy the journey, the destination will arrive.

Your mind is an important factor that influences fertility. Being in a positive frame of mind, enjoying your couple moments and being happy are integral parts of the process. Engage in couple activities, cherish your togetherness and celebrate being together without the pressure of pregnancy looming overhead. This will go a long way in relieving stress, and make the whole process enjoyable.

Young couples in general good health should conceive within a few months of trying. If the woman is below 35 years old, she should get pregnant within 1 year and if she is over 35 years old, she should get pregnant in 6 months. This is the generally accepted timeframe and if there is a delay, you should consult a specialist at the earliest. Success is higher when treatment is started early.

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Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.


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