IVF- A boon for couples with fertility problems

September 2, 2020

IVF- A boon for couples with fertility problems
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It is customary in our country to ask certain questions when we meet people socially. While many such questions are harmless, there are some that are pinpricks and others that are dagger slashes to our heart. The person asking the question may not have a malicious intent, but the effect of the question is still shattering. One such question is, ‘Any good news?’, meaning ‘Are you pregnant?’.
Pregnancy is an intensely personal thing. As a couple, it should be your decision entirely when you start your family. But, this is not an ideal world. The moment the marriage ceremony is over, you clock starts ticking and you will be questioned from around two months onwards, by everyone from your parents, neighbours, friends and their friends. This may be irritating initially, but it becomes cruel when you start trying for a family and are met with failure.

Unsolicited advice, insincere concern and outright cruel comments can erode your self-worth and confidence. In such a situation in the past, couples, mainly the woman, had to suffer in silence waiting for divine intervention.

This passive acceptance was the only option till the advent of IVF.

Conception is a miracle
Every step in the human reproductive cycle depends on multiple factors that have to work together perfectly for success. A woman’s reproductive organs are subject to hormones that coordinate maturity of eggs, their timely release, their passage into the fallopian tubes and down them to the uterus.

For fertilisation to take place sperm should meet egg in the fallopian tube. The fertilised embryo then travels down the tube to the uterus where its outer covering opens to release the genetic material, which embeds in the endometrium of the uterus. This process has to take place during her fertile period, when her system is primed and ready. This is a narrow window of a few days, which if missed will occur only after her next menstrual period.

In men, the count, motility and health of sperm are vital factors that determine fertility. Only healthy sperm can undertake the arduous journey and reach the egg to successfully fertilise it.

When there is any problem anywhere in this process in the male or female reproductive system, you will have trouble conceiving. When lifestyle modifications, medical and surgical treatments are unsuccessful, IVF is the only option.

Invitro Fertilisation (IVF), the hope for millions of infertile couples.
The first successful IVF procedure was performed in 1978. A mature egg was retrieved from a woman and was fertilised with sperm in petri dish. The fertilised embryo was implanted in its very early stage of development into the uterus of the woman.

This first IVF procedure was a breakthrough in human reproductive medicine that held enormous promise and possibilities. With continuous research and advancing technology we gained new insight into the hitherto mysterious working of human reproductive system.

With our advancing knowledge and technological breakthroughs, we have pushed the boundaries of the possible. Today there are multiple options to overcome male factor and female infertility. The first step is getting medical advice.

Follow the three steps to tackle your infertility problem

Step 1: Acknowledge your fertility problem.

If you have been trying to conceive without success for a year then it is time to accept that there may be a problem. It may be male, female, both or unexplained cause.

Step 2: Consult specialist for diagnosis

If your think there may be a problem, it is time to seek help. Consult a fertility expert for diagnosis. You and your partner may have to undergo some tests to ascertain the cause of your problem.

Step 3: Take positive action

When the cause is diagnosed, start treatment immediately. If you need to go for an IVF procedure, start the process at the earliest.

Fertility in men and women declines with advancing age. If you are a woman:
Below 35 years old and have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for 1 year
Over 35 and have been trying to conceive for 6 months without success
Then you may have a fertility issue. Consult a doctor at the earliest.

IVF has a 50 to 60% success rate at Dr. Rela Hospital

IVF is a boon for childless couples with untreatable and unexplained fertility problems. IVF technology has improved to such an extent that we can control and influence many important factors that hinder conception. Advanced IVF procedures provide a very high success rate.

Dr. Rela Hospital is one of the best fertility centres in India and has a phenomenal success rate of 50 to 60% in IVF treatments. We are dedicated to help couples overcome their fertility problems with fertility programmes suited for individual needs.

If you think you have a fertility issue, consult our specialist.

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any action based on the above shared information.


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