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Paediatric Orthopaedic Urgent Care Clinic

A daily clinic dedicated to seeing children with injuries and musculoskeletal problems that require prompt evaluation and care.


Children congenital and acquired foot and ankle disorders (Happy feet program)

To provide comprehensive and focussed care for various foot and ankle disorders and deformities like clubfoot, vertical talus, flatfoot and more.


Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Program

Combining the expertise of orthopaedic oncology service to provide medical and surgical care for children and adolescents with benign or malignant bone and soft tissue tumors.


Brachial Plexus Program

Provides comprehensive care for children with acute and chronic brachial plexus palsies with residual shoulder disorders and contractures.


Cerebral Palsy Program

Provides interdisciplinary, state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of children with a variety of neuromuscular conditions including static encephalopathy, progressive neuromuscular conditions and congenital anomalies.


Child and Young Adult Hip Preservation Program

Offers internationally recognised expertise for treating hip disorders in children, adolescents and young adults like hip dysplasia (DDH), perthes, SCFE and hip deformities.


Limb reconstruction and growth modulation Program

Offers services focussed on limb reconstruction for various congenital, post traumatic and post infective limb deformities and lime length discrepancies.

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