Dr. Prakash Ayyadurai

Dr. Prakash Ayyadurai

MBBS, MS (Ortho) FIAA(Germany)

Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine, Department Of Orthopaedics


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Brief Profile

Dr. Prakash Ayyadurai is an esteemed specialist in Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine, with nearly a decade of unparalleled expertise in the field of high-volume arthroscopy and sports medicine practice. His extensive portfolio holds an impressive record of approximately 3000 personalized ACL reconstructions, showcasing his mastery of minimally invasive bone patella tendon bone graft ACL reconstruction. Moreover, he has conducted nearly 1000 arthroscopic Bankart repairs and rotator cuff surgeries, alongside over 250 Foot & Ankle Arthroscopy Surgeries. Notably, he is one of the very few surgeons in India skilled in performing the Arthroscopic Latarjet Procedure for recurrent shoulder dislocations, as well as the Arthroscopy-assisted Lower Trapezius tendon transfer for irreparable rotator cuff tears.

As a respected member of the Indian Arthroscopy Society, Dr. Prakash has taken a pioneering role as the convener of the first-of-its-kind Indian Ligament Registry—a groundbreaking initiative that scientifically documents arthroscopy procedures across the nation. Beyond his contributions to research, he serves as an on-field sports medicine specialist for National & International Hockey & Football matches. His significant efforts have significantly contributed to the treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation of numerous Olympians, world champions, and heroes at the national and state levels. Dr. Prakash’s own exceptional athletic background includes captaining the Sub Junior Tamilnadu Hockey team, achieving the title of University Football Champion, and completing both the Berlin & Paris Marathons as an avid endurance runner.


  1. Fellowship in Arthroplasty & Arthroscopy: Marien Hospital, Erwitte, Germany, 2014 (Fellowship Chair Dr Dirk Baumann)
  2. Fellowship in Arthroscopy: Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Centre, USA 2017

Speciality Training

  1. Knee & Shoulder Arthroscopy – Sri Ramachandra Centre For Sports Science 
  2. Arthro-latarjet – Haemek medical center, Israel
  3. Hip- Arthroscopy – Lyon Ortho Clinic, France

Faculty Cadaver Courses

  1. Indian Arthroscopy Society Basic & Advanced Knee Cadaver Arthroscopy
  2. Indian Arthroscopy Society Basic & Advanced Shoulder Cadaver Arthroscopy
  3. Tamilnadu Arthroscopy Society Basic & Advanced Knee Arthroscopy
  4. Smith Nephew Foot & Ankle Cadaver Arthroscopy Course, Bengaluru
  5. Smith Nephew A-Z Advanced Cadaver Knee Cadaver Arthroscopy Course, Bengaluru
  6. Tirushur Knee Cadaver Course

Educational Qualifications

  1. MBBS: Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute, Chennai, 2006
  2. MS (Ortho): Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute, Pondicherry, 2013

Affiliations and Memberships

  1. Indian Arthroscopy Society
  2. International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS)
  3. Shoulder & Elbow Society of India
  4. Indian Orthopaedic Association
  5. Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association
  6. Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States
  7. Pondicherry Orthopaedic Association

Honors and Awards

  • Best Work Ethic Award – World Tamil Chamber of Commerce
  • Gold Medal: Arthroscopy Assisted Neo-ligament for AC Joint Dislocation – POACON 2014

Research and Publication

  • Arumugam, S., Suresh Perumal, Sai Aditya Raman, Prakash Ayyadurai, S. S. Nimishaanth, and K. A. Thiagarajan. “Lumbar Spine Injury in Indian Fast Bowlers: 3D Biomechanical Analysis and Prevention Strategies.” Indian Journal of Orthopaedics (2023): 1-5.
    Gopalakrishnan, J., Anbarasan, V., Ayyadurai, P., & Sivaraman, A. (2023). Bipartite Patella in an Elite Football Player–A Rare Cause of Anterior Knee Pain. Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports, 13(5), 68.
  • Janani, G., Lakshmi, S., Prakash, A., Suresh, P., Parthiban, J., Thiagarajan, A., & Arumugam, S. (2023). Preoperative Templating of Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone Graft for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Morphometry-Based Graft Harvest Method. Clinics in Orthopedic Surgery, 15(3), 410
  • Thiagarajan A, Prakash A, Janani G, Vikram R, Arumugam S. Prevention and Management of Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes. Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics Jul-Dec 2022;7(2):73-77.
  • Pai SN, Ayyadurai P, Perumal S, et al Anterior cruciate ligament haemangioma BMJ Case Reports CP 2022;15:e248058.
  • Pai, Satvik N., Prakash Ayyadurai, Parthiban V. Jeganathan, Suresh Perumal, and Sivaraman Arumugam. “Lipoma Arborescens: can we afford to miss it?.” ANZ Journal of Surgery 92, no. 1-2 (2022): 218-222.
  • Pandey, Vivek.,Prakash Ayyadurai “Management guidelines for infection after ACL reconstruction: Expert opinion statement based on the modifed delphi survey of Indian Arthroscopy Surgeons.” Indian Journal of Orthopaedics 55, no. 2 (2021): 342-351.
  • Arumugam, Sivaraman, Ayyadurai Prakash, Gopalakrishnan Janani, Moorthy Vignesh, Masilamani Mukilvannan Anjanavannan, Suresh Perumal, and Thiagarajan Alwar. “Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection in Sports Injuries.” Indian Journal of Orthopaedics 55 (2021): 484-491.
  • Rao, Vikram, Karthik Anand, Parthiban Jaganathan, Prakash Ayyadurai, Suresh Perumal, Thiagarajan Alwar, and Arumugam Sivaraman. “Effectiveness of Single Platelet-rich Plasma Injection and Rehabilitation in the Management of Calcaneocuboid Syndrome: A Case Series.” Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery (Asia Pacific) 8, no. 1 (2021): 16-18.
  • Sivaraman, Arumugam, Janani Gopalakrishnan, Keddin Alwar Thiagarajan, Suresh Perumal, Prakash Ayyadurai, and Utkarsh Singh. “A Review of Football Injuries and the Role of 3D Biomechanical Analysis in Injury Prevention.” (2020).
  • Janani, Gopalakrishnan, Perumal Suresh, Ayyadurai Prakash, Jeganathan Parthiban, Karthik Anand, and Sivaraman Arumugam. “Anterior knee pain in ACL reconstruction with BPTB graft–Is it a myth? Comparative outcome analysis with hamstring graft in 1,250 patients.” Journal of Orthopaedics 22 (2020): 408-413.
  • Perumal, S., Thiyagarajan, K. A., Prakash, A., & Arumugam, S. (2020). Evaluation of regeneration of semitendinosus tendon using ultrasound imaging and isokinetic strength testing after graft harvest for arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Journal of orthopaedics, 21, 340-344.
  • Dhillon, Sidak, Rajeev Pulimi, Prakash Ayyadurai, PM Venkata Sai, M. S. Dhillon, and S. Arumugam. “Knee flexion strength deficits correlate with distal extent of tendon regeneration after hamstring harvest. Preliminary data from an Ultrasound based classification.” Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics and Trauma 14 (2021): 156-161.
  • Arumugam, S., Prakash Ayyadurai, Suresh Perumal, G. Janani, Sidak Dhillon, and K. A. Thiagarajan. “Rowing injuries in elite athletes: A review of incidence with risk factors and the role of biomechanics in its management.” Indian journal of orthopaedics 54 (2020): 246-255.
  • Radhan, P., Siripurapu, Y., Prakash Ayyadurai, B. R., Sivaraman, A., & Ramachandran, R. Role of Multi Detector Computed Tomography in the Evaluation of Glenoid Track in Patients with Anterior Instability and Its Correlation with Arthroscopy.
  • Arumugam S., Prakash A., Suresh P Clinical results of arthroscopic all-inside meniscal repair,International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences.,January 2016

Faculty National Conferences

  1. Gods Own Country – Shoulder Course, 2023
  2. Pune Knee Course, The Meniscus ClassRoom – 2023
  3. Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association Conference – 2022, 2023
  4. Indian Arthroscopy Society Conference – 2022
  5. Moon City Mid-year CME – 2023
  6. Manipal Shoulder Course – 2022, 2023
  7. Chennai Operative Shoulder Course – 2023
  8. Stryker Nurses & Paramedic Training Course – 2022,2023
  9. Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States – 2018, 2019, 2020,2022
  10. Kerala Orthopaedic Association Conference – 2016
  11. Vizag Arthroscopy Course – 2019

Faculty International Conference

  1. Indo-European Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty Foundation – Learn See Do Course – 2015, 2022
  2. International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS) – 2023

Live Surgeries Performed

  1. Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction – IEAAF 2023
  2. Arthroscopic Bankart Repair with Remplissage – OASIS 2D-Con Calicut – 2023

Clinical Expertise

  1. Individualised ACL reconstruction
  2. Minimally invasive Bone patella tendon ACL reconstruction
  3. Complex Knee Multi-ligament reconstruction
  4. Recurrent Dislocation Shoulder
  5. Arthroscopic Latarjet
  6. Arthroscopy Assisted Tendon transfers.
  7. Foot & Ankle arthroscopy.
  8. Hip Arthroscopy
  9. Sports injury & Athlete centric Rehabilitation.


  • Registrar, SPOT Hospital Kodambakkam – 2013
  • Senior Registrar, Apollo Speciality Hospital Vanagaram – 2014
  • Visiting Arthroscopy Surgeon – Compsite Hospital, Central Reserve Police Force 2016-2020
  • Asst Prof & Consultant Arthroscopy Surgeon, Sri Ramachandra Centre For Sports Science – 2014 – 2023
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