Ms. Srimathy Narasimhan

Ms. Srimathy Narasimhan


Centre For Hearing, Communication & Swallow Sciences, Institute of Neuroscience, Rela Centre For Mobility & Movement

Head – Center for Hearing, Communication & Swallow Sciences

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Brief Profile

Ms. Srimathy Narasimhan is the Head of the Department at Center for Hearing, Communication & Swallow Sciences at our hospital.

She is a renowned Speech, Swallow & Hearing Specialist in Chennai with outstanding academic records from pioneering institutions. As a zealous & adept professional working in the highly specialized field of disorders related to speech, swallow voice, cognition, & hearing, she has immense knowledge and vast experience in diagnosing & treating disorders across age groups (new born to geriatric) & of various origin

She was the first Speech Language Pathologist to initiate & successfully run programs to assess swallowing using state of the art technology in Chennai city.

She has established Neuromodulation as a speciality & is a key member in candidacy evaluation, delivery of Neuromodulation as a treatment for Hearing loss, Spinal Cord Injury, Bladder & Bowel Dysfunction, Spasticity & Movement disorders.

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelors in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology, 2011, Bangalore University
  • Masters in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology, 2014, The Tamil Nadu MGR Medical University
  • Certification in Deglutology, ESSD, 2019
  • Langmore FEES Certification, 2019

Research and Publication

Clinical Expertise

Ms. Srimathy Narasimhan has over 9 years of experience in the field of Speech Language Pathology & Deglutology. She is specialized in treating disorders of swallowing post stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Traumatic head injuries, Brain tumor, Head & Neck Cancers, Neonatal & paediatric feeding disorders with the use of sophisticated methods. Being a Trained Carnatic Vocalist and with a special interest in Vocology, she has trained several professional singers & singing students on voice projection, voice culture and voice modulation.

As a Cognitive Communication specialist Ms. Narasimhan is involved in evaluation & treatment of disorders related to memory and communication such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Fronto-Temporal Dementia, Vascular Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease Dementia. She is an avid researcher in the area of Neuro imaging in identifying the cognitive, language & swallowing networks in neurodegenerative diseases.

She has vast experience with hearing implants including Cochlear Implants & Auditory Brainstem Implants.

Neuromodulation, being one of the emerging fields in India, she is a key member in Neuromodulation team & has framed mapping & rehabilitation protocols people undergoing Cochlear Implants, Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons Disease, sacral neuromodulation for bladder and bowel incontinence and Epidural Electrical Stimulation for Paraplegia.

She is a primary member of the Epilepsy and brain tumour intraoperative team & has immense experience in Language mapping & monitoring during awake surgeries for epilepsy & brain tumour removal. She is a key multidisciplinary member of Neurosciences, Oncology boards.

Important Contributions:

  • An active professional involved in advocacy for rehabilitation in the city & across the nation
  • Conducted workshops on “Neuroimaging” and its importance for SLPs at Post graduate levels & for professionals at National level.
  • Established a Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation centre at a quaternary care hospital in Chennai city.


Neuromodulation | Ms. Srimathy Narasimhan

Neuromodulation | Ms. Srimathy Narasimhan

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