Dr. Sudha Rathna Prabhu

Dr. Sudha Rathna Prabhu


Paediatric Endocrinology

Paediatrician and Genetic Medicine Consultant

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Brief Profile

Dr. Sudha Rathna Prabhu began her medical career in Madras Medical College. After completing her MBBS, she worked as Paediatric Resident in Institute of Child Health Egmore, Chennai  and further gained clinical expertise working as Senior Medical Resident in Intensive Critical care Medicine. After completing master degree in Paediatric Medicine she set up her private paediatric practice. Currently is also a Research Scholar in maternal and neonatal health.

Honors Awards

Shield of Honour for work of excellence in Perinatal and Fetal Medicine at MediScan in 2012
• Was awarded the Best Poster presentation on “Thyroid Gland Nomogram values in South Indian neonates and infants“ at conference conducted by 8th Asia Pacific & ISNS –International Society for Newborn Screening conference at AIIMS –New Delhi in September 2013.
• Got 3rd prize in poster at ISIEM 2014 on LONGTERM Follow up of CH detected screened babies.
• Was awarded BEST POSTER Award in ISIEM 2017 for utility of radiographs in EARLY diagnosis of CH.

Memberships in Medicine and Paediatrics Associations
• Indian  Medical  Association  IMA
• Indian Academy Of Paediatrics IAP
• National Neonatology Forum NNF
• International Society Of  New  Born  Screening ISNS
• GMDI Genetics Metabolic Dietitians International

Research Publication

Publications [National and  International]
• Article in National NEOCON magazine December 2011 on “Current Status of Newborn screening in Tamil Nadu“
• Research Brief on Stretched Penile Length in normal South Indian neonates – Indian Journal Of Endocrinology and Metabolism [IJEM] in 2013
• Recent Data on Congenital Hypothyroidism, IJEM 2014
• Editorial on Clitorial length and Anogenital ratio in Indian Girls Indian Pediatrics 2016
• Iodine deficiency: An under recognized problem. Indian J Endocr Metab 2017; 21:640-1.
• Original Article on Normative Data of Thyroid Gland Volume in South Indian Neonates and Infants in Indian J Pediatr (December 2018) 85(12):1045–1049
• Congenital Hypothyroidism Due to Dyshormonogenesis in 2 Siblings Sudha Rathna Prabhu1 & Shriraam Mahadevan1 Indian J Pediatr (December 2018) 85(12):1043–1044 DOI 10.1007/s12098-017-2516-9.
• Prabhu SR. Dyshormonogenesis emerging as a predominant cause of Congenital Hypothyroidism in India – A Mini Review. J Pediatr Pediatr Med. 2018; 2(4): 1-6
• “Utility of Knee Radiographs as a Supportive Diagnostic Screening Tool for Early Therapy in Neonates Detected with Congenital Hypothyroidism at a Primary Health Care Centre – A Pilot Study from India”. EC Paediatrics 7.11 (2018): 1103- 1107
• “Utility of Iodine Concentrations in Urine as a Non- Invasive, Cost Effective Mass Screening Biomarker for Early Detection of Thyroid Gland Disorders in Pregnancy”. EC Endocrinology and Metabolic Research 4.3 (2019): 107-110. Journal of Pediatrics and Pediatric Medicine.

Clinical Expertise

She is the first Paediatrician in State of Tamil Nadu exclusively trained by Indian Council Of Medical Research National Task Force Team in New Born Metabolic Screening and related  Paediatric Endocrinology. Her current academic program as PhD Research Scholar in perinatal metabolic endocrine related disorders has enhanced her professional skills and is successfully translated to benefit patients referred to this exclusive Dr. Rela Hospital.


Has  exclusive clinical  experiences  in  maternal and neonatal metabolic screening   and  regularly  conducts  hands on  clinical  workshops on Newborn Screening . Clinical  research oriented experiences are her strengths having  worked in  fetal , perinatal and paediatric screening centres  which  further facilitated her to acquire  professionals skills in Medical Epigenetics and  Genetic  Medicine related  family counseling . Trained in Research Methodology and  Good Clinical Research and Practices  GCRP Dr Sudha Rathna Prabhu is a member of Institutional Ethical Committee . Presently At  Dr Rela Institute Dr Sudha Rathna Prabhu   in  Department of Paediatrics  is  an integral part of Department of Reproductive Medicine    excelling   as  Genetic   Medicine   Consultant  with  special  focus  on  Medical EpiGenetics .

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