Dr. Prarthana Saraswathi

Dr. Prarthana Saraswathi

MBBS, MD Psychiatry

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Consultant Psychiatrist

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Brief Profile

Dr Prarthana Saraswathi is the clinical lead in our department of Psychiatry

She is a qualified Psychiatrist with vast experience and Knowledge in Assessing , Diagnosing and treating various Psychological concerns including Depression , Anxiety , OCD, Bipolar Disorder , Schizophrenia , PTSD, Eating disorders, Child Psychiatry and Adolescent behavioural issues , Geriatric psychiatric concerns including Dementia, Alcohol -Nicotine and other addictions , Personality disorders and various Psychotherapies.

She has excellent communication skills , compassionate towards her patients allowing her to establish rapport easily. she is also an active listener , allows the patient and caregivers to express their concerns without any time pressure , while also maintaining absolute confidentiality and professionalism.

She has an approach to see ” A Patient as a Whole” , she practices a comprehensive treatment plan that not only focuses on medication but she also respects her patients Belief System , Culture and Practices.

She always focuses on educating her patients and attenders on their diagnosis, course of illness and treatment options, keeping them onboard in decision making ensuring adherence to the treatment , thereby helping patients have positive outcomes and achieve remission.

She provides special attention to her patients support system , addresses care giver burdens and offers psychological support to her patients family members as well.

She has been constantly working towards creating awareness and breaking the stigma on mental health and providing insights to the public.

She is also an excellent team player works well with the multidisciplinary team within the hospital.

Educational Qualifications

  • MBBS, Saveetha Medical college and Hospital
  • MD PSYCHIATRY, Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital

Research and Publication


  • A single case report on hyperammonemia induced by valproate monotherapy without hepatic dysfunction-IJPPS volume 9, issue 4
  • Behavioral disturbance after initiation of valproate in a young child – alternate medical explanations possible? , Journal of current research in scientific medicine, volume 1, Jan

Research on:

  • Influence of cultural beliefs in the management of acute psychosis – a study from south India
  • One year follow up study on acute and transient psychosis with a specific focus on cultural factors influencing the course and outcome

Clinical Expertise

Familiarity with current diagnostic guidelines

Extensive experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatrics disorders across different age groups

In depth knowledge of the various treatment modalities and therapies

Experience in handling chronic mental illness like Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Psychoses and ability to provide long term treatment options and rehabilitation

Experience in treating acute conditions like Delirium, severe suicidal intent, aggression, eating disorders.

Proficiency in managing common illness like Depression, Anxiety , OCD, addiction problems, child and adolescent psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry issues, psychosomatic disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders.

Special interest in psychosexual medicine with special focus on women’s sexual health, she has successfully treated many women with vaginismus through therapy.

Various Counselling services and Psychotherapies like CBT, DBT, JPMR etc.


  • She has completed her training in Child Psychiatry from Institute of Mental health Madras
  • She has completed training course and workshops in Psycho-Sexual medicine under a renowned sexual medicine consultant from Sydney, Australia.
  • She has also worked in a private medical college Chennai and has gained academic and teaching experience.
  • She has been doing her Private Practice in Psychiatry since 2017.
  • She has been participating in various Psychiatric Conferences as a part of continuing medical education, and has given awareness talks across various platforms.


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