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Mobility Impairment & Movement disorders are a global concern of disability.

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Department Overview

Mobility Impairment & Movement disorders are a global concern of disability.

Disorders of movement can arise from alterations in chemicals or injury to the brain regions that control movement, leading to increased, reduced, or restricted movements. This affects the delivery of signals needed in initiating or completing a simple movement, such as picking a coffee cup, to a more complex movement, such as walking.

Mobility impairments are a broad range of disabilities that limit the functions of moving limbs. This can occur after an insult to the brain due to a stroke or spinal cord injury.

29th of November is observed as Movement Disorders Day for the first time in the world. Rela Hospital launches Rela Centre for Mobility & Movement to provide the best solution to people suffering from mobility impairments & movement disorders.

This unique & comprehensive centre provides expert solutions concentrated on delivering advanced treatments that help an individual gain independence & full functionalities.

As part of this, Rela Hospital launches

1. Advanced Centre for Parkinson’s Disease

Our expert team offers a wide range of the latest treatment modalities for all movement disorders, including advanced pump therapies, patch therapies, and injections.

2. Centre for Neuromodulation:

Injured & impaired signals from the brain & spine can be reset with the help of advanced Neuromodulation technology. In this technology, tiny pacemakers built especially for the brain & spine are implanted. These pacemakers tune the signals delivered to the brain & spine and bring about only desired movements eliminating the undesired movements.

These also act as a source of the brain-spine interface, bringing back movements to paralysed limbs when combined with neurorehabilitation.

3. Centre for Speech & Swallow:

Speaking & Swallowing are the primary & essential skills for daily living. Difficulty in communication & swallowing may accompany movement disorders.

The act of swallowing, a sensitive and vital function, is important for survival. Difficulty swallowing can present in the form of food getting stuck in the throat, difficulty swallowing pills, weight loss or repeated chest infections.

Rela Centre for Speech & Swallow offers highly specialised solutions that help individuals stay connected with their loved ones & develop safe swallow.

4. Brain Gym:

Alterations in brain chemicals or injury to the brain can bring changes in an individual’s cognitive abilities, which are important for day-to-day functioning. This can present in the form of changes in memory, decision-making, social participation, and attention to detail.

Brain Gym focuses on enhancing the cognitive abilities of individuals & maintain skills that help in independent functioning & higher performance.

5. Fall prevention Centre:

The first of its kind Fall prevention centre focuses on identifying fall risk factors while improving an individual’s mobility. This highly specialised centre incorporates adaptive strategies and assistive technology that helps in mobility and improving balance.

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Neuromodulation | Ms. Srimathy Narasimhan

Neuromodulation | Ms. Srimathy Narasimhan

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Silent Migraine | Dr. Shankar Balakrishnan

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