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Introduction to the LTSI - MCLD joint meeting by the LTSI president Subhash Gupta (INDIA)

Session 9 | 9.00AM : The donor operation

Preoperative optimisation of donors with NAFLD- what is achievable & safe S.Sudhindran (INDIA)
Setting up a minimally invasive donor hepatectomy program Olivier Soubrane (FRANCE)
Lessons from Living donor kidney transplantation - Transparency & comparators Jeremy Chapman (AUSTRALIA)
How do liver donors do in the long term? Elizabeth Pomfret (USA)

Session 10 | 10.30AM : Ethics of donor selection

Achieving double equipoise in the era of broadening indications for LDLT Elizabeth Pomfret (USA)
Feasibility & Safeguards for Altruistic donation- Lessons from Organ Donation around the world Jeremy Chapman (AUSTRALIA)
Altruistic donation from patients undergoing elective surgery: A wild dream? Giuliano Testa (USA)

Session 11 | 11.30AM : Post - transplant issues & Management I

Acute mental state changes in the early Post-transplant period Jody Olson (USA)
Morbidity associated with RRT in the Post-transplant period Julia Wendon (UK)
Pre-operative CRE colonisation and Post-transplant septic episodes Anita Verma (UK)

Session 12 | 1.30PM : Recipient operation

Collateral ligation & portal inflow modulation in LDLT Deniz Balci (TURKEY)
Can left lobe graft be the future of adult LDLT? Taizo Hibi (JAPAN)
Early & late outcomes after LDLT in complete portal vein thrombosis Prashant Bhangui (INDIA)
ABO incompatible liver transplantation: Current status Mureo Kasahara (JAPAN)

Session 13 | 3.00PM : Post-transplant issues & management II

Graft dysfunction after LDLT: SFSS or not SFSS! Sonal Asthana (INDIA)
Hepatic artery thrombosis after liver transplant: Is retransplant the only option? Nigel Heaton (UK)
Thrombocytopenia post LDLT Manav Wadhawan (INDIA)

Session 14 | 4.00PM : Technical complications

Prevention & management of biliary strictures after LDLT Vivek Vij (INDIA)
Portal venous complications after LDLT in adults Neerav Goyal (INDIA)
Portal venous complications after LDLT in children Mureo Kasahara (JAPAN)

Session 15 | 5.00PM : Panel discussion

Long term impact of early complications after LDLT Subhash Gupta/Mohamed Rela

Session 16 | 5.30PM : Long term outcomes after LDLT

Long-term outcomes in children after liver transplantation Anil Dhawan (UK)
Post-transplant malignancies Parthi Srinivasan (UK)
Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the Liver Transplant service-line Claus Niemann(USA)

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