Donor safety & optimisation

Current status of minimally invasive donor hepatectomy
Preoperative optimisation of donors with NAFLD- what is achievable & safe?
Factors affecting liver regeneration after donor hepatectomy: Lessons from & for HBP surgeons

Ethics of donor selection

Achieving double equipoise in the era of broadening indications for LDLT
Altrusitic donation- feasibility & safeguards
Altruistic donation from patients undergoing elective surgery: A wild dream?

Recipient operation

Current status of ABO incompatible liver transplantation: Protocols, short-term & long-term results
Collateral ligation & portal inflow modulation in LDLT
Can left lobe graft be the future of adult LDLT?/ Can LL & RPS grafts replace the right lobe grafts in adult LDLT?

Post-transplant issues & management

Early allograft dysfunction: Role of plasma exchange
Seizures in the early transplant period
Peri-op acute cardiac dysfunction
Morbidity associated with RRT in the postop period
Thrombocytopenia post LDLT

Technical complications

Management of biliary strictures after LDLT- Asan experience
Portal venous complications after LDLT in adults
Portal venous complications after LDLT in children
Hepatic artery thrombosis after liver transplant: Is retransplant the only option?

Long term outcomes after LDLT

Donor morbidity and mortality after LDLT- How can we improve transparency?
How do liver donors do in the long term?: A2ALL data
Long-term outcomes in children after liver transplantation
Post-transplant malignancies: Strategies to beat the odds

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