Setting it up

LDLT: where are we and how did we get there?
Challenges in LDLT for the next decade
Evolution of pediatric LDLT

Too sick to transplant?

Going beyond MELD score- Assessment of the sick recipient
Recipient with recent sepsis: Strategies and timing of transplantation
LDLT for acute on chronic liver failure: Current status and worldwide experience

Acute liver failure: Pushing the envelope

Debate: Standard DDLT criteria for acute liver failure are irrelevant in the LDLT setting
Extra-corporeal therapies in ALF: Current status
Defining the indications & expected outcomes of APOLT in ALF?

Liver disease with other organs

Gut function & microbiota in chronic liver disease and its impact on transplant outcomes
Chronic encephalopathy in the recipient
Assessment & Optimisation of the frail recipient

Panel discussion:

Managing the recipient with significant coronary artery disease- what is the evidence?

Transplant oncology: Hepatocellular carcinoma

Assessing tumor biology in HCC: State of the art
Debate: Portal vein tumor thrombus- not the end of the road
Management of recurrent HCC after liver transplant

Transplant Oncology: Other tumors

LT for Colorectal liver metastases
LT for cholangiocarcinoma
LT for neuro-endocrine tumors
Hepatoblastoma: Indications for transplant & expected outcomes

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