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Difficulties in passing urine in males

Difficulties in passing urine in males can be due to Urinary tract infections, prostate problems in older people and urethral stricture in younger people and ureteric stones. In some people, more than one condition is present.

  • Difficulties experienced may be in the form of: Hesitancy- difficulty in initiating urine stream- patients stand in toilet for long time to begin passing urine
  • Poor stream or flow and prolonged voiding: Patients take a long time to pass urine and with pass reduced pressure and thin stream or in double stream
  • Terminal dribbling: Urine comes out in drips and drops at the end of urination.
  • Post void dribble: Urine stains the underpants after you have finished passing urine
  • Feeling of incomplete emptying: Patients feel the need to pass urine again after finishing urination once
  • Inability to pass urine: If you have been unable to pass urine at all then you can be in urinary retention or less commonly in kidney failure- you will need to contact an urologist or go to hospital immediately.
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