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Department Of
Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

The Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre offers a full complement of diagnostic, psychotherapeutic, and medical management of psychiatric disorders.

A decent psychological wellness is the constraint of an individual to shape the pleasing relationship with others and to look into or contribute helpfully to changes in social condition.

An individual who is truly liberated from inner clashes, movable, makes powerful connections, not effortlessly agitated, acknowledges analysis, look for a character with great confidence, profitability and great authority over his conduct are said to be an intellectually sound person.

Like a physical sickness, mental maladjustment moreover needs care and treatment. Besides, similarly as other physical ailments, with the right treatment, a considerable number of individuals with mental disperses Can live stable and productive lives.

Our vision is to give mental prosperity care of worldwide rules to all by a gathering of astoundingly qualified and experienced psychiatric physicians.

Our Experts

Dr. C. Prarthana Saraswathi

Dr. C. Prarthana Saraswathi

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