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Every year, medical advancements are growing by many folds helping both the medical fraternity and patients to tackle toughest of the cases, successfully. In any medical speciality, early diagnosis is the key towards finding the cure, heal the body and make the patient perfectly healthy again. If there is one such speciality that took the world of diagnosis, procedures, treatment by storm in the recent decade, that is undoubtedly Nuclear Medicine.

Often described as ‘radiology done inside out’ or ‘éndoradiology’as it takes view of radiology emitting within the body, laying a lot more emphasis on the functioning of the anatomy, the nuclear medicine utilizes the radioisotopes both for diagnosis and treatment.

Though nuclear medicine has been in use for managing both common and rare medical conditions since 1950s, it has undergone several advancements in the past two decades, thanks to new interventions. This speciality predominantly uses radioisotopes – simple substances like iodine, fluorine (which are normally present in the human body) and are applied for medicinal use, after certain physico-chemical modifications.

Nuclear medicine is perhaps the most reliable speciality today, an integral part in the work-up and management of many diseases.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine at Dr Rela Institute & Medical Centre, Chennai is a place offering intense, detailed diagnosis and treatment facilities, backed by the sophisticated and state-of-art equipment.

What Are The Components Of Nuclear Medicine?

This unique specialty encompasses various imaging investigations like gamma imaging (with SPECT/CT), hybrid PET/CT and therapeutic applications like treating thyroid diseases, better palliative therapy of some cancers, palliation of bone pain in cancer patients, joint problems etc.

Gamma imaging includes bone scan, renal scan, liver scan, cardiac scan etc.


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Dr. Santhosh Sampath

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