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  • We are a team of experts in the Management of Complex Road Traffic Accidents, Head Injuries and Polytrauma.

  • We have been successfully rendering Neurosurgical services inclusive of developmental malformations, brain tumours, spine disorders and intracranial vascular pathologies across any age, antenatal, newborn, adults and even geriatric patients in their 9th decade.


  • So far, we treated 150 plus head injury of which severe head injury contributed more than 50 %

  • 4 years old severe head injury patient treated with us and got well with holistic approach.

  • 27 years old young man travelled 350 km with severe head injury by ambulance whom refused treatment from big hospital, got discharged and get back to his work in few days.


  • Grade 6 AVM with GCS 7/15 at the age of 75, got operated for 12 hours and treated by us, now doing well.

  • Grade 3 Aneurysm with right side weakness on 17 years old boy treated with STA-MCA bypass and got back his power on right with improving trend on his speech.

  • 58 years old lady with sudden unconscious with bleeding in the brain diagnosed as CVT cortical vein thrombosis with immediate attention and timely intervention made her back to his original position.


  • 70 years old with previous surgery on his spine for tumour, came with weakness and numbness with our team evaluation confirmed as regrowth of the lesion. Underwent long spine surgery with neuromonitoring got back his power with independent life.

  • 30 years old man with liver issue under Hepatology had a big tumour on his base of skull operated by two-stage surgery, now 100% free of tumour and problem.

  • Many patients came with back pain, we do complete evaluation and treat them with an appropriate method of management like injection procedure, minimally invasive spine surgery or Spinal fixation procedure.

  • All spectrum is spine care is available and we are good in that.

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