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Our neurosurgeons Dr. Paraneetharan Marimuthu, Dr. Gowtham Devareddy, Dr. Jeya Prakash Kanna provide treatment for a wide range of neurological conditions involving the brain and spine. Emphasizing on patient education help enable the patients to fully participate in the selection of treatment plans. They were very compassionate and understand the questions and concerns you have regarding the patient and advice different treatment plans and guide you the proper treatment suitable to patient. We strive to give 24 x 7 Emergency Neurosurgical care along with OPD and Regular Neurosurgical services with high standards.

Dr. Paraneetharan Marimuthu, Dr. Gowtham Devareddy, Dr. Jeya Prakash Kanna would be honoured to offer you the compassionate support and effective medical care balancing the approach to non-surgical and surgical care plans that you deserve in order to live an active and fulfilling life. We like to apply our skill and training to improve quality of life and to save lives through surgical and non-surgical treatment of brain and spine conditions. With high end facilities and good experience and advanced training they are able to perform the most complex surgical procedures and provide a holistic approach to treatment.

In case if you are diagnosed with a brain or spine condition, Rela Department of Neurosurgery is here for you. We welcome you to contact our Neurosurgical team about your options, what to expect, and how we can help you. We strive to provide appointments within 24 to 48 hours of your call.

Our Experts

Dr. Paraneetharan Marimuthu

Dr. Paraneetharan Marimuthu

Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead
Dr M. Anbuselvam

Dr M. Anbuselvam

Senior Consultant
Dr. J. Jeyaprakashkanna

Dr. J. Jeyaprakashkanna

Associate Consultant Neurosurgeon

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