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Treatments & Procedures

At Rela’s Department of Nephrology, we offer the following treatments and procedures:

Preventive Nephrology:

We offer cost-effective renal screening, which helps you know your kidney status and treat or delay progression of disease. Early diagnosis and treatment delay the time on RRT (Delays starting dialysis or transplant) and gives a good quality morbidity free time which is priceless.

Diagnostic Nephrology:

Ultrasound abdomen, CT – KUB without and with contrast, MRI Abdomen with and without contrast. Conventional angiograms, carbon dioxide angiograms, MR angiograms and state of art laboratories to diagnose auto immune disease, malignancy associated renal disease, mineral bone disease, metabolic and electrolyte imbalances. We offer renal pathology support with light microscopy and immune fluorescent microscopy and equipped to outsource for electron microscopy.

Therapeutic Nephrology:

Under the label of Therapeutic Nephrology, we offer:


We offer hemodialysis equipped to run for 30 patients simultaneously. Machines, other equipment and spacing is per international standards at an affordable cost. Monthly surveillance program for clearance and session wise ultrafiltration surveillance helps us to sustain care.We offer online hemodiafiltration for selected cases. Maintenance team is in place to ensure the quality of services.

Slow Low Efficiency Dialysis:

We offer SLED and SLED – F for hemodynamically unstable patients who are not able to afford CRRT.

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy:

We have dedicated CRRT machines to do continuous venovenous hemodialysis,continuous venovenous hemofiltration, and continuous venovenoushemodialfiltration. Tandem procedures including simultaneous endotoxin and cytokine adsorption are done as and when required.


We offer plasmapheresis with conventional membrane filtration and centrifugal technique. We also perform Sequential procedures like double filtration plasmapheresis, columns for Immunoglobulin removal and plasmadiafiltration.

Peritoneal Dialysis:

We do both percutaneous and surgical CAPD catheter placements. CAPD for suitable candidates helps them carry day to day activity without any hinderance and minimizes hospital visits. We perform and train our patients to be equipped with manual exchanges and automated cycler exchanges. We offer continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, daytime ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, nocturnal intermittent peritoneal dialysis, continuous cyclical peritoneal dialysis and peritoneal dialysis plus.

Renal Transplant:

We have an experienced renal transplant team which includes well trained nephrologists, well trained urologists and specially trained transplant surgeons, well equipped anesthesia team with state of art transplant recovery rooms. Our inhouse transplant pathologist ensure early diagnosis and saves a lot of nephrons.

Interventional Nephrology:

We offer tunneled cuff catheter insertion and percutaneous peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion. Our interventional radiology team is well equipped to do renal angioembolization in unexpected renal biopsy bleed and to do renal angiograms. Vascular surgeon constructs fine AV fistula access and offer vascular grafts in difficult access. AVFfistulograms, stenting and venoplasties are done, if need arises to ensure good functioning of Av fistula and adequate clearance.

The treatments we offer also include:

  • Live related and spousal donor transplants
  • ABO incompatible renal transplants after appropriate desensitization
  • Swap transplants for suitable pair, if it offers survival advantage to recipients and grafts
  • Transplant highly sensitized recipients when their cross match is positive by effective desensitization program in selected cases
  • Transplant in pediatric and geriatric age group
  • Combined liver kidney and combined pancreas kidney transplants for suitable patients

We also have a well-organized deceased donor program, and patients are evaluated periodically to ensure their fitness.

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