Renal medicine is an exciting field in modern era and essential one considering the growing prevalence of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. It is important to diagnose renal disease at an early stage as it helps to treat or delay the progression of renal disease. Acute kidney injury may be fully recoverable, if diagnosed early and provided the inciting factors are duly addressed. At times, we need to support kidneys if they are failing, with renal replacement therapies (Intermittent hemodialysis for hemodynamically stable patients and slow low efficiency dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy for hemodynamically unstable patients). For patients with long standing renal failure, renal replacement therapy is necessary. Options include hemodialysis (blood purification with extracorporeal machine), peritoneal dialysis (dialysis using patients own abdominal cavity), renal transplant (implanting new kidney into the patient’s body from a voluntary live donor or from a deceased donor). The best form of renal replacement therapy is renal transplant.

Diagnostic field includes ultrasound abdomen, CT KUB with and without contrast, MRI abdomen, conventional renal angiograms, micturating cystourethrogram, intravenous urogramand renal biopsy. Renal biopsies are done under ultrasound guidance and needs angioembolization of renal arteries in the scenario of undue bleeding.

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