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Treatments & Procedures

Many of the tests, procedures, and monitoring that occur in the Department of Neonatology can be very intimidating. But every piece of equipment and every procedure performed is there to help your new-born get better. These tests and procedures are performed with equipment made especially for new-borns, and every effort is made to ease any anxiety and discomfort your baby may experience. Some of the treatments and procedures are:

  • Care of extreme premature and low birth weight babies
  • Non-invasiveventilation, conventional ventilation
  • HFOV,I inhaled (NO ), therapeutic Hypothermia(Whole body cooling) and ECMO
  • New-born Screening (Ultrasound.Echocardiography, Hearing assessment & Congenital hypothyroidism, and metabolicdisorders)
  • Management of all neonatal surgical problems(congenital diaphragm Hernia, Tracheooesophageal fistula and others.
  • Resuscitation team available for in house and surrounding birthing centres (24/7, all holidays.
  • CPAP, Phototherapy,exchange transfusion and Total Parental nutrition
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