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Dr. Julia Wendon
Liver Intensive Care Unit

Department of Liver Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Dr. Julia Wendon Liver Intensive Care Unit at Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre is dedicated to provide high quality, efficient care to patients with all liver related disorders. Prof. Julia Wendon is a pioneer in the field of liver critical care and was instrumental in developing the liver care services in King’s College Hospital, London. She has been an inspiration and mentor to our unit.

We, at Rela institute and Medical Centre, have striven to emulate similar international standards in our ICU.

Our 36 bedded Liver ICU caters for patients with an entire spectrum of liver disorder including complications of end stage liver disease, liver trauma, acute liver failure and other hepatopancreaticobiliary (HPB) disorders. Our 24 bedded liver transplant ICU has been specifically designed to cater for the need ofboth adult and paediatric liver transplant recipients and major hepatobiliary surgeries. This design and structure ensures that the patients would be at the least possible risk of developing infection and also accelerates speedy recovery. We have an exclusive hotline number (+91 44 6666 7700) for patients, relatives and care givers to speak to the liver intensivists directly and get assistance for all liver emergencies. Our ICU is manned by a highly professional team of doctors highly experienced in the management of critically ill and are supported by adeptly skilled nursing staff. Our ICU is supported by a proficient multidisciplinary team of doctors comprising of various specialties such as infectious diseases, endocrinology, cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, neurology among many others. We also provide critical care outreach services to our patients transferred out of ICU.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including point of care testing to provide timely and efficient care. Our ICU offers various forms of organ support such as Ventilator, Non-invasive Ventilation, High Flow Nasal Oxygen (HFNO), Renal Replacement Therapy, Liver assist devices and plasmapheresis, Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenator (ECMO), Nitric Oxide therapy, cough assist device to give an instance. We also specialize in using blood purification techniques with cytokine and endotoxin removal filters for patients with sepsis. We also excel in procedures like endoscopy, bronchoscopy and interventional radiology procedures performed by dedicated team of experts.

We are a premier teaching institution and offer various university accredited courses such as Liver Transplant Anaesthesia, Liver Intensive Care and Allied sciences. These highly desirable courses are attended by national and international students alike. We also conduct periodic audits and training to ensure quality ICU care, comparable to international standards.

Liver hotline number – 044-66667700

Liver emergencies may be due to trauma, poisoning or any adverse effects of medicines etc. Liver emergencies warrants immediate action to the patients and as they are life threatening. Every second counts with regards to the patient prognosis and survival. We provide 24*7 access to our emergency services to help your emergency requirements from any part of the world at any point of time.


All the essential information regarding the kind of emergency and the answer to your queries including transport options and treatment options with logistics will be provided in English , Tamil and Hindi.

Our expert team of doctors and consultants are readily available to answer your doubts and queries and also provide guidance to the patients & their relatives about disease stratification & severity of illness, including prognosis and recovery of the patient.

Guidance for level of health-care required for management of illness

Our consultants are always ready to guide You regarding the level of treatment which is required for the patient’s condition at that moment. Our expert team analyses the patient’s complaints and history and then opine the treatment for the patient.

Patient transport- national and international

We provide swift transport options through our ambulances which are dedicated to liver emergencies. All our ambulances are equipped with world class medical facilities and are capable of handling any critical condition. All our patient transport will be accompanied by a specialized doctor and a team of paramedics and nurses.

Acute Liver Failure - Treatment Options

Acute liver failure is a life threatening condition and demands immediate medical intervention to save the life of the patient. Each and every second matters in acute liver failure. Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre offers various treatment options with supreme standards and unparalleled excellence. We have dedicated World’s Largest Liver ICU equipped with international standards for this purpose. Our team has many years of experience and excellence in treating acute liver failure patients. We offer various medical management in our intensive care including therapeutic plasma exchange, CRRT etc.

Facilities available & procedures performed

We have an exceptional intensive care unit dedicated to liver diseases, equipped with international standards of medical care to treat liver emergencies round the clock. We have a proficient team under the renowned surgeon Professor Mohammed Rela who has performed 4000 liver transplants and other liver related surgeries with higher rates of success.


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