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Liver Anaesthesia and Intensive Care


Busy schedules and bustling lives tend to push our health down in our priority list. The liver bears the brunt of such a lifestyle and the rising instances of liver-related ailments are a testament to this phenomenon. Liver health is pivotal to lead a contented life making liver care and the treatment of liver-related illnesses an important aspect of medical care. Dr Rela’s Dr. Julia Wendon Liver Intensive Care Unit is one of the top hepatology divisions in the country and is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology to provide care on par with international standards. Named after Prof. Julia Wendon, a pioneer in the field of liver critical care and our mentor; we seek to emulate her principles. We possess a 36-bed strong liver ICU and a 24-bed liver transplant ICU specially designed to provide 24/7 adult and pediatric liver care. Our intensive care units are backed by skilled medical professionals with extensive experience and a commitment to provide patients with the care that will ensure a high quality of life.


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