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Pre-Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

PGD is a technique of taking biopsy from embryo and send to a lab to identify inherited disorders in the embryo before transfer.

Who needs PGD?

Couples with a history of serious diseases and high possibility of transmitting the same disease to their sibling’s offspring. For example, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia, sex linked disorders, thalassemia.


Pre-Genetic Screening (PGS)

PGS is used to find out whether the cells in an embryo contain the normal number of chromosomes, which is 46 xx

Who needs PGS?

  • Elderly women
  • Couple undergoing IVF/ICSI because they have severe male factor infertility
  • Women with history of multiple miscarriages
  • Fetal death in previous pregnancy
  • Baby born with abnormalities in previous pregnancy

This test is performed before embryo transfer

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