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Donor Oocyte for IVF or ICSI

IVF with donor eggs is procedure of collection of eggs from other women instead of collecting from female partner of infertile couple and these eggs will be used for IVF or ICSI. This procedure usually referred if there are any physiological or pathological factors associated with ovaries.

Donor Sperms for IVF or ICSI

While donor sperms are commonly utilized for intrauterine insemination, concomitant female factor such as tubal disease or diminished ovarian reserve may require donor sperms for IVF or ICSI.

Egg Donation

Poor egg quality is one of the major reasons in female infertility. There could be various reasons behind this condition, and it is possible for a woman to enjoy motherhood by accepting donated eggs.

Donating eggs has become quite common in the recent years and if you wish to donate your eggs and bring smiles to another woman, read the following: -

A woman willing to donate eggs should be

  • Between the age group of 21 to 28 years
  • Well-groomed with fair complexion
  • No medical history of chronic ailments and life-threatening conditions.
  • If married and is already a mother, the kids should be bereft of any physical and psychological condition.
  • Willingness to undergo all medical examination and execute needful documentation as instructed by the centre.

The centre provides egg donors handsome remuneration for their services.

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