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Swap Liver Transplantation


A patient needing a healthy liver but cannot find one that’s compatible with the recipient normally has no other option but to undergo swap liver transplantation. Until recently, any organs including the liver that was required for transplantation, was generally provided by the relatives of a brain-dead donor.

Through this method of liver transplantation, many patients have a chance to live and return to a state of healthy and normal activity. With advancements in surgical techniques and more effective drugs, liver transplantation has become more successful. These factors have also contributed to giving the patient a higher post-operative survival rate while also increasing his quality of life.

The success of kidney transplantations gave a fillip to swap liver transplantations. Now, it is commonly used to save the lives of patients requiring healthy livers.

The Swap Liver Transplantation Method

This method of liver transplantation works well when the living related donor’s liver is incompatible with that of the recipient. In such cases, a swapping of donors between two pairs of people is possible.

In this method, there is a very easy give and take understanding between these two pairs of people, where each pair comprises a giver and a taker. Each pair gets a healthy liver that they are compatible with. According to Indian law, this method is only allowed when donors are near relatives.




With cutting edge technology, many experienced liver specialists and allied staff, the Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre (RIMC), Chennai, India, has helped to bring cheer in the lives of patients with chronic liver ailments. Right from diagnosing the extent of liver damage to pinpointing the best solution for the patient’s liver disease, RIMC has been at the forefront of curing all kinds of liver ailments and disease.

Swap liver transplant may seem like a complex surgery to many. But at RIMC, our collective expertise in this field has brought us quick and proven swap liver transplant success.

Our internationally trained hepatologists now have experienced eyes to spot swap liver transplant indications, which quickens the pace of treatment and alleviates the suffering of patients.

With our continual success rate in this niche area, we are recognized for our mastery in swap liver transplantation in Chennai. We are hopeful for the day when our medical centre will be known as the No. 1 hub for swap liver transplant surgery in India.

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