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The circulatory and respiratory systems of the human body are the most prominent biological systems. Its functioning is indispensable to daily life, therefore, the functioning of these systems are of vital importance. Functions of all other systems revolve around the heart and the lungs. The functional capabilities of these organs can be disrupted by a variety of conditions as they are working constantly. The heart function with pumping the blood around the body and is essential to the transport of nutrients. While the lungs function as filters with the primary task being the exchange of gases and transporting it via the bloodstream.

Due to certain illnesses or conditions stemming from either environmental or hereditary roots, some organs cannot be brought back to normal working order therapeutically. In such situations, the last resort is organ transplant. Organ transplant is a very complicated process both medically and logistically and requires a thorough infrastructure to carry out successfully. Dr. Rela’s Institute & Medical Center is the pioneer and the Centre of excellence in the field of transplantation, we are equipped with the latest equipment and the most advanced technology along with the experienced expertise personnel required for the treatment of heart and lung failure and the procedure involved in Heart and Lung Transplant. From surgery preparation to post transplant care, we provide all the pertinent services required by the patient to integrate back into normal life.

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